Saturday, August 18, 2012

Watch Blog for Sale Videos and Pics

Brad Hook will again this year be doing our videos of the sale calves. 
 He is scheduled to be at Mittag Show Cattle
 on September 1st.
We will post the videos and pictures
of all calves on the blog and this year they will be on for online bidding. 
The online bidding will be Sept 15 and 16.
 As in the past we will also be taking bids
 at the farm up until the start of the
online bidding portion of the sale. 
 On the evening of Sept 16
we will be calling the bidders
 just as we did in the past
 the only difference is that you will have
 the ability to bump bids online
 and keep track of the current prices online.

 We are very excited about this year's sale,
 the calves are looking excellent
 and the weather is allowing them to grow hair
 and stay fresh.

 We look forward to showing you this year's calves. 
 All of the sale calves will be at
 Mittag Show Cattle by Sept 1st.

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