Friday, August 31, 2012

From Glen Toews

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From Glen Toews

Smilin Bob son sells
 intact On The Purple Pursuit Of The Purple Sale
 by Silverline Genetics
Oct 31

Showmans Choice Tag #9

(Cell Phone Pic)
Monopoly Money X Simm-Ang Sells Sept 16th

Showmans Choice Videos

Pictures and videos underway
 at the Showman's Choice!

McDaniel-Wiedel Sale

McDaniel-Wiedel Sale

From Alan McDaniel

Here are a few pics of calves
 in the McDaniel-Wiedel Sale.
 They are ready to view
 with videos and picture shoot planned next week.

Summer Sensation - Tapken Cattle Co.

Lot #1 - Monopoly x Who Made Who
We will be taking more pictures and videos this weekend.
Thanks, Neal

Summer Sensation - Wolf/Wallace

Monopoly heifer

Big Bad Wolf steer
Thanks again for the great ad design for our sale.
One of our best ones yet. Just got started taking pics,
here's a couple to share. Thanks Rod

From Green Meadow Forage

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Showmans Choice Sale calves
are ready to view.
Thanks to those who
have stopped and looked at the calves already!


The Showman’s Choice Private Treaty Sale
Sale Begins Closing @ 6:00 pm Sunday, September 16th
Sale Held On-Line @

Price           Calf    Sire        Dam                                      Birth Date 
__________ 1 Monopoly   Alias / Sim                             March Heifer
__________ 2 Monopoly   Hannibal/Fear This               March Heifer
__________ 3 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                            February Steer
__________ 4 Monopoly   Money Angus                         April Heifer
__________ 5 Curtain Call   Ali                                       March Maine Steer
__________ 6 Ree Heights   Northern Lite                      March Steer
__________ 7 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             March Heifer
__________ 8 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             April Heifer
__________ 9 Monopoly Money   Sim / Angus                 April Steer
__________ 10 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                            February Steer
__________ 11 Walks Alone   Sim / Angus                         February Steer
__________ 12 Monopoly   Who Made Who                      March Steer
__________ 13 Critical Mass   Sun Seeker                          March Steer
__________ 14 Monopoly Money   Bachelor                      March Steer
__________ 15 Critical Mass   Sun Seeker                          March Steer
__________ 16 Monopoly   Who Made Who                      March Steer
__________ 17 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             March Steer
__________ 18 Long Time Coming   Sun Seeker                March Heifer
__________ 19 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             February Steer
__________ 20 Q Dog   Northern Lite                               April Steer
__________ 21 Heatwave   Sim / Angus                             April Steer
__________ 22 My Turn   Northern Lite                            March Heifer
__________ 23 Critical Mass   Who Made Who                 March Steer
__________ 24 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                              March Steer
__________ 25 Carnac   Sim / Angus                                  March Steer
__________ 26 Monopoly Money   Heatwave                    March Heifer
__________ 27 Monopoly   Maine / Angus                          March Heifer
__________ 28 Q Dog   Northern Lite                                March Steer
__________ 29 Maine Man   Heat Seeker                             March Maine Steer
__________ 30 Critical Mass   Northern Lite                       March Heifer
Sale Information
1. This Sale is conducted by phone and on-line with You don’t need to be present to bid. Bids will begin closing at
6:00 pm on Sunday, September 16. You can either have us call you as in the past to place bids or you can bid direct on-line. You are
allowed to raise your bid by increments of $100 or more… $250 for $2000 and higher.
2. It is important that you be available to take phone calls or be on-line to bid at 6:00 pm on September 16th. This sale will be using the horse race
style of bidding on-line and will be completed as soon as possible.
3. Calves are assumed to be sound and healthy when sold… if there is a question in your mind about a particular calf’s fitness… don’t bid. All
Calves were vaccinated in August.
4. We ask that all calves purchased be picked up within two weeks unless special arrangements have been made.
5. No breeding guarantees are available on show heifers.
6. Thank you for stopping and we would appreciate your business
Sale Day Phones
Mittag Show Cattle  And Rieck & Lents Show Cattle
Craig 641-344-5800 
Dave 641-202-2164
Tucker 641-344-6858 
Chad 641-202-2360
Wayne 641-344-9367
Brandon 641-344-0686

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Monopoly X Simm/Ang
This steer is so big footed and 
takes such a sound step
that now days this is the kind of steer
 that judges watch walk into the showring
 and send to the top of the class.  
This one is huge bodied with an attractive
  look that will keep him at the top of the class!

This steer will obviously be every showman's choice!

Showman's Choice viewing starts this weekend!

Rieck and Lents will have their calves
 at Mittag Show Cattle
 ready for viewing this weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This Outstanding Monopoly Heifer
 sells as a sale feature at
the 2012 Showman's Choice Sale. 

 She was Champion Commercial Heifer
 and 5th Overall at the Iowa State Fair.

  This Heifer has the modern traits of a
 truely "Big Time" Champion....
 Lot of Body and Super Sound!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Minnesota State Fair

Grand Champion Steer
Shown by Stephanie Krause
Raised by Burch Livestock
Sold by Habeger/Neil
Res Champion Steer
Shown by Greta Tank
Sold by Habeger/Cody/McClellan


Champion Charolais, Top 5 IJBBA Steer, Res Steer Cass Co
For Ticknor Family...Sold in Last Year's Showman's Choice
Many Time Champion for Regalia Cattle Co., Wyoming
Purchased in Last year's sale by Jeff Holmes
 Sold in last year's Showman's Choice
Champion Market Heifer for Ticknor Family
Sold in last year's Showman's Choice
Successful heifer sold in last year's sale to Tyler Campbell
Sold in last year's Showman's Choice
Res Market Animal Overall IJBBA Final Drive and
 Champion Commercial Heifer Adair Co for Herr Family
Sold in Last Year's Showman's Choice
Selling a full brother in this year's Showman's Choice
 to this popular steer shown in Ohio by the Miller Family
Steer shown successfully by the Tucker Family
Sold in Last year's Showman's Choice

Barnes Show Cattle

Another satified customer
of our blog sponsor
Cook Custom Ear Tags...
Great Job Linda!

Logo designed by MITTAG DESIGN

Sunday, August 26, 2012


 Here is an overview of the
Mittag Show Cattle Calves
to be offered for sale at the
2012 Showman's Choice Sale on Sept 16.
  Calves will be available for viewing
 starting next weekend (Sept 1st)
 at Mittag Show Cattle, Prescott, Iowa

Tag # 1 (Heifer)  Monopoly X Alias /Simm
This Chromed up Monopoly heifer is one of the most exciting females we have ever sold in the Showman's Choice sale.  She combines a huge body with a beautiful profile and she is a sound as you can make one. And..."She is already a Champion"  Res Supreme female at the Afton Open Show, Champion Commercial and 5th Overall at the Iowa State Fair. Her Maternal Sister was Champion Maintainer at the ISF Feeder calf show and high seller in our 2010 sale.

Tag # 3 (Steer) Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Sired by Monopoly and out of a Mittag cow known for producing champions, this steer is bred to win and has the look of a Champion.  Great Look, Super Sound and Lots of Muscle is a great combination!  His baby picture is currently Craig's profile picture on facebook!

Tag #4 (Heifer) Monopoly Money X Angus
This heifer has had a lot of friends this summer including those who have seen her in the pasture and those who seen her picture on our blog.  If you want a heifer with a "Sow Belly" she is!  She has had numerous materal sisters that have had very successful show careers.

Tag #8 (Heifer) Monopoly X Simm/Ang
A Chromed up heifer that is sure to be a showring standout.  Tons of style here!  We purchased her mother from Streams and she was a many time champion market heifer for us.

Tag # 9 (Steer) Monopoly Money X Simm (Maximus)/Ang
This one has always been one of Craig's favorites.  This Monopoly Money always catches your eye...He has Style, Lots of Hair, Awesome Soundness and Plenty of Muscle! We purchased his mother from Golightly in their Focus On The Female Sale.

Tag #10 (Steer) Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Maternal Brother to the Supreme Champion Heifer at the ISF Feeder Calf Show in 2011 and our $10,000 heifer in last year's sale.  This steer is so soft footed and big bodied that he is going to make an awesome fat one!  Truely one of our sale features.

Tag #11 (Steer) Walks Alone X Simm/Ang
This Walks Alone has a hard to find combination of extreme thickness yet has great extention of body and neck.  This one will WIN!

Tag #14 (Steer) Monopoly Money X Bachelor
Another Monopoly Money that has had a lot of friends in the pasture, he is Huge Boned, Sound Footed, with a lot of body and style.  He is out of a female we purchased from Ben Kelly.

Tag #16 (Steer) Monopoly X Who Made Who
Alreday shown twice..Grand Champion Steer at the Afton Open Feeder Calf Show and Champion Chianina Steer at the Iowa State Fair Feeder Calf I need to say more?

Tag # 17 (Steer) Monopoly X Simm/Ang
This one has fat steer written all over him. Huge Butt, Deep Bodied and Big Boned, Make sure that you take a second look here!

Tag # 19 (Steer) Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Here is a Chromed up brockle faced steer with a huge body that should feed extremely well and perfect for a county fair!

Tag # 21 (Steer) Heatwave X Simm/Ang
This Baldie Chromed up ET Heatwave calf is a full brother to the popular brocle faced steer shown by the Miller Family in Ohio this summer raised by Clint Barnes.  This one is younger but has the look and thickness we all desire.

Tag #26 (Heifer) Monopoly Money X Heatwave
Here is a super attractive Monopoly Money heifer that catches your eye everytime you walk into the pen.  She is going to have a very successful show career.  Raised by Stalcup out of a female purchased from Mittag Show Cattle in a past Showman's Choice Sale!

Brad Hook will be doing our videos on Sept 1st.....
Watch the blog for pictures and Videos.

You will also be able to view the videos and pictures
 as well as bid on the calves at

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mittag Calves in the Showman's Choice Sale

Tag 1...(Heifer)......Monopoly X Alias/Simm
Tag 3...(Steer).......Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Tag 4...(Heifer).....Monopoly Money X Angus
Tag 8...(Heifer).....Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Tag 9...(Steer)......Monopoly Money X Simm/Angus
Tag 10...(Steer)....Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Tag 11...(Steer)....Walks Alone X Simm/Ang
Tag 14...(Steer).....Monopoly Money X Bachelor
Tag 16...Steer)......Monopoly X Who Made Who
Tag 17...(Steer).....Monopoly Simm/Ang
Tag 19...(Steer).....Monopoly X Simm/Ang
Tag 21...(Steer).....Heatwave X Simm/Angus
Tag 26...(Heifer)...Monopoly Money X Heatwave

In addition to these calves
we will have an outatanding set of calves
 again this year from
the Rieck and Lents herd.

Friday, August 24, 2012

New 4-H "Hall Of Fame" Members

Congratulations to
 Shirlee Brunscheen and Jodi Breniman
 who were inducted into
the Iowa 4-H Hall Of Fame
 for your loyal support and work with the youth of Iowa!

  Your dedication to the 4H program is greatly appreciated

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Facebook - Austin Brandt

Mittag Design

Showmans Choice Sale


Reminder to those stopping by
Mittag Show Cattle
 to look at the calves for the
 2012 Showman's Choice Sale... 

 If you put the Mittag Show Cattle address
 into GPS, it does not take you to
 the correct location
(you will end up about 5 miles south of the farm). 

 Please use the following
GPS Coordinates: 41.10684,-94.56636 
otherwise just call Craig or Tucker for directions. 

 Rieck and Lents will have their calves
 at Mittag Show Cattle by September 1st,
 if you want to view calves before that time,
 just give us a call we would be happy
 to show you the calves. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cool Morning Rinse!

The Showmans Choice Sale group
tied up for their morning rinse.
 It was a cool one the last few mornings.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Showmans Choice Sale Tag 17

Monopoly X Simm

Watch Blog for Sale Videos and Pics

Brad Hook will again this year be doing our videos of the sale calves. 
 He is scheduled to be at Mittag Show Cattle
 on September 1st.
We will post the videos and pictures
of all calves on the blog and this year they will be on for online bidding. 
The online bidding will be Sept 15 and 16.
 As in the past we will also be taking bids
 at the farm up until the start of the
online bidding portion of the sale. 
 On the evening of Sept 16
we will be calling the bidders
 just as we did in the past
 the only difference is that you will have
 the ability to bump bids online
 and keep track of the current prices online.

 We are very excited about this year's sale,
 the calves are looking excellent
 and the weather is allowing them to grow hair
 and stay fresh.

 We look forward to showing you this year's calves. 
 All of the sale calves will be at
 Mittag Show Cattle by Sept 1st.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

From Sullivan Supply

From Sullivan Farms

Supreme Champion Female
2012 Iowa State Fair
Shown by Luke Elder
Blue x Heat Wave
Dual Registered as Chi and Shorthorn Plus

Sells in the Showmans Choice

This Monopoly X Who Steer
sells as tag 16
 in the Showman's Choice Sale on Sept 16.
  He has already been
Grand Champion Prospect Steer
 at the Afton Open Show
 and Champion Chianina Feeder Steer
 at the Iowa State Fair.

Showman's Choice Sale

Calves will be available for viewing
 starting Labor Day Weekend. 
 However, if you are through the area
 prior to that time, just give us a call
 and we would be happy to show you the calves.
This outstanding Monopoly heifer prospect
 sells in the 2012 Showman's Choice Sale.  
She was the Champion Commercial heifer
 and 5th Overall
 at the Iowa State Fair Feeder Calf Show.

Iowa State Fair

Trailer from Wisconsin
 for Open Cattle shows this weekend

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iowa State Fair Judge

ISF Market Steer show judge was Jim Williams.

Iowa State Fair

Grand Champion Steer
Shown by Trevor Moore
Sired by Heat Wave 4

Iowa Statr Fair

Reserve Overall Steer
Shown by James Gradert
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Bonham, Guyer, Bremer
Raised by Vickland

Iowa State Fair

3rd Overall Steer
Shown by Dustin Lund
Sired by Smilin Bob
Sold by Rodgers, Doris

Iowa State Fair

4th Overall Steer
Shown by Danielle Delange
Sold by Goretska

Iowa State Fair

5th Overall Steer
Shown by Morgan McDermott
Sired by Bojo
Sold by Habeger