Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Show Circuit

The Show Circuit magazine came in the mail today!!
Check out our ad on Page 290 of 564

Page Co Steer Show

Champion Steer - French Family
Sired by Heat Wave
Reserve Champion Steer - Strough Family
Sired by Heat Wave

Page County Fair (Clarinda IA)

Champion and Reserve Heifers
Shown by Carlson Family
Champion Sired by Cool Customer
Reserve Sired by Carpe Diem

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fitting at Afton

The crew getting the calves fit
 for the Union County Open Feeder Calf Show! 
 The showmen are waiting!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brad Hook Quote

After placing the class of feeder heifers
 that our My Turn heifer won
 at the Union Co Open Feeder Calf Show,
 judge Brad Hook had this Quote....

"If you can't find this heifer in this class, you haven't been in the cattle business very long...she's a really good one!"

Thanks Brad, we agree!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Union County Heifer Show

Tyson Tucker's Monopoly heifer
 was Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer
 at the Union County Fair.
 She was raised by Mittag Show Cattle
 and sold in the 2010 Showmans Choice Sale
 as lot 20.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Turn Heifer

Shown twice...2 time Champion.
 Adair Co Fair judge Jon DeClerk
 Afton Open Show judge Brad Hook

Afton IA

(Top Picture)Champion Feeder Heifer
 Shown by Mittag Show Cattle
 Sired by My Turn Sells in Showman's Choice Sale. 
 (Bottom Picture) The Reserve Champion Feeder heifer
 was sired by Carnac,
 shown by Rieck and Lents
and will also sell in the Showman's Choice Sale

Union Co lamb Show

Grand Champion lamb
exhibited by Gracie Russell.
 Gracie also showed the champion breeding ewe. 
Both lambs purchased from Hindman

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adair Co Lamb Show

Reserve Champion Market Lamb
 Shown by Tess Mittag
 Raised by Hindman

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Turn Heifer

My Turn heifer that was champion heifer at the Adair Co Fair

3 Peat Sweep!

Mittag Show Cattle showed both the
Champion Feeder Steer & Heifer for the 3rd year in a row!
Champion Heifer is a My Turn X Simm-Ang.
Sells in our Showmans Choice on Labor Day!

Three Peat!

With many top club calf producers in our area,
Mittag Show Cattle make it a 3 Peat having
champion feeder steer for the 3rd year in a row.
One And Only X Charolais.
Sells in the Showmans Choice sale!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adair County Fair

Meat Goat Judge: Craig Mittag
 Ringman: Tucker Mittag
Grand and Reserve Market Goats
 Shown by Huntington Family
 Both Raised by Tim Loudon, Creston, Iowa

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adair County Fair

Reserve Barrow - Adair County Fair
Shown by Tom Walter
Raised by Matt Downing
Placed by Us

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taylor County Fair

Grand Champion Steer - Taylor County Fair
Sired by Who Made Who
Raised By Rieck/Lents
Sold as Tag # 828 in Showman's Choice Sale
Shown by Carson Cline

Boone IJBBA Show

 Champion - Kelly (Maine) 
Reserve - Snedden (Commercial)
  3rd - Shaw (Chi)
  4th - Shaw (Commercial) 
 5th - Lapke - (Composite Char)

TOP 5 Market
 Champion - Suhr (Xbred)
  Reserve - McDermott (Xbred)
  3rd - Snedden (Mkt Heifer) 
 4th and 5th (Unknown at this time)

Cedar Co Fair

Grand Champion Steer - Cedar County Fair
Shown by Kade Knapp
Sired by Heat Wave
Purchased from Tracy Goretska

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ringgold Co Fair (Mt. Ayr IA)

Grand Champion Steer
Shown by England Family
Sired by Monopoly

Reserve Champion Steer
Shown by Shields Family

Mount Ayr Feeder Calf Show

Champion- Schultz
Reserve- Loudon

Champion & Reserve- Brown

Denison Feeder Calf Show

Champion- Healy (sired by Monopoly)
Reserve- Nelson Cattle Co.

Champion- Schulte (sired by Carnac)
Reserve- McCollough (sired by Walks Alone)

Denison Show

Champion- Smith (Mainetainer)
Reserve- Lapke (Comm)
3rd- Lapke (Comp Char)
4th- Petersen (Chi)
5th-Goettsch (Comm)

Champion-McDermott (Xbred)
Reserve- Suhr (Xbred)
3rd- Nihsen (Char)
4th- Petersen (Ang)
5th- Wessel (Mkt Hfr)

Bedford IA

Congrats to the Cline Family!!!
Grand Champion Steer - Taylor County Fair
Raised by Rieck/Lents
Sold at the Showman's Choice Sale

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From Brad Hook

The herf assoc would greatly appreciate it if u could post the vids
of their jr natls on ur blog. U can share them from or my blog. Thx a bunch!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corning IA

Grand Champion Steer
Adams County Fair
Shown by Haley Stalcup
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Wade Rodgers

Corning IA

Grand Champion Breeding Heifer
 Adams County Fair
 (Champion Charolais)
 Shown by Haley Stalcup, Prescott, Iowa

This heifer was also a Division Champion
 at the National Junior Charolais Show in Kansas City.


29 Days til the Iowa State Fair.

 "Nothing Compares!"

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Rob Russell!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

County Fairs Pictures

It's County Fair time in the Midwest!
 Text or email us your county fair pictures
 and we will post them on the blog
 to share with our viewers. 
 Craig's cell # 641-344-5800 
Tucker's cell # 641-344- 6858
or email to

Adams County Fair (Corning, IA)

Champion FFA Individual - Tess Mittag
3rd- Tyler Long
4th- Tom Walter.
Champion FFA Team- Tom Walter, Tess Mittag, Tyler Long, & Wyatt Hensley

Darrel Nissen Memorial Show

Darrel Nissen Memorial Steer & Heifer Classic and Feeder Calf Show 
Saturday, July 16
Crawford County Fairgrounds, Denison, Iowa
Show Time: Noon
Judge: Craig Mittag
For More info. Contact: Malisa Smith 712-269-7564

Adams County Fair (Corning, IA)

Congratulations to the Birt Family!!
Grand Champion Market Hog
Champion Pen of 3
Reserve Carcass
Champion Rate of Gain
Champion Showman

Surgical Dehorning

Doc Sandy, Corydon, Iowa
 doing our surgical dehorning.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harlan, IA

Champion - Healy (Sired by Monopoly)
Reserve - Schultz (Sred by Eye Candy)

Harlan, IA

Champion - Schulte (Sired by Carnac)
Reserve - Downing

Harlan, IA

3rd Overall Heifer
Shown by Tyson Tucker
Sold as Tag #20 in the Showman's Choice Sale

Harlan, IA

Supreme Champion Heifer
Shown by Wyatt Pryor
Hollywood X Irish Whiskey

Harlan, IA

Pryor (Commercial)
Kelly (High Maine)
Tucker (Commercial)
Reck (Shorthorn)
Kelly (Chi)

Harlan, IA

Mitchell (Shorthorn Plus)
Suhr (Xbred)
McDermott (Xbred)
Mitchell (Market Heifer)
Miller (Maine)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Matt Lautner TV Sponsor

The Showman's Choice Labor Day Sale
 will be the sponsor of the
 Iowa State Fair Division 2 Champion Crossbred Steer
 selection video on Matt Lautner TV.  

Annual Labor Day Sale
Craig Mittag 641-344-5800
Tucker Mittag 641-344-6858
Dave Rieck 641-340-5021
Chad Rieck 641-202-2360
Wayne Lents 6412-3449367

Show Results

We will have show results on Sunday
 from the IJBBA show in Harlan. 

 Watch our blog for Top 5 results immediately after they are selected!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simmental Junior Nationals

5th Overall Female
Shown by Tyler Long, Creston, IA

Simmental Junior Nationals

Grand Purebred Heifer
(Champion Division 4)
 Shown by Jake Bloomberg
 Sired by Steel Force

Simmental Junior Nationals

Reserve Purebred Heifer
Shown by Segayle Foster
 (Grand Bred and Owned)
 Sired by Steel Force

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simmental Junior Nationals

Reserve Foundation (Champion Division 5) 
Shown by Mckenzie Strickland
 Sired by Dream Catcher 
Sold by Phil Yoder.

Simmental Junior Nationals

Champion Foundation (Champion Division 4)
 Shown by Sam Wallace
 Sired by GCF Mr. Amigo

Simmental Junior Nationals

Champion Foundation Lineup

Simmental Junior Nationals

Simmental Junior National Steers

 Champion.... Ryan Onstot Carlisle, IA
 Sired by Yellow Jacket

 Reserve.... Michael Musil Ravenna, NE 
Sired by Heat Wave

New Sullivan Supply Service

Show Stick Re-Gripping

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Pictures From The National Junior Shows In KC

You can view pictures taken at the
 National Junior Shows in Kansas City by going to

click on Community Faces
 and then National Heifer Show. 

 These pictures were taken onThursday, June 30th. 
 They include show ring, exhibitors and spectators.

Blast From The Past

This week's Blast From The Past
 is from the 2002 National Jr Maine Show
 held in Des Moines.
 Reserve High Pecentage Female
 was shown by Jason Salton, Ia.

Friday, July 1, 2011

National Junior Shows

Steer Planet

Thank you to Steer Planet for adding us to their blog roll!!
Steer Planet also used our National Junior Show pictures on their homepage.

Shorthorn Jr. Nationals

Congratulations to the Vogel Family!!! 
 Grand Champion Bred and Owned Heifer shown by Ashley Vogel
Reserve Champion Bred and Owned heifer shown by Payton Vogel