Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorado State Fair Video link

Here is the link to the video of
the Colorado State Fair Championship Steer Drive. 
Thanks to Brian Reid
from the Showtimes Magazine
 for allowing us to share it with our blog readers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Showman's Choice Sale Calf Videos

We have just finished getting the videos done
on 11 head of the calves for
the Showman's Choice Sale. 

 Thanks to Brad Hook! 

 Look for these videos on our blog
on Monday!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Colorado State Fair

Watch for a video later tonight of the Champion Steer Selection
at the Colorado State Fair on The Showtimes Magazine website. 

Showman's Choice #835 Steer

Tag # 835 Eye Candy X Ali Steer

Showman's Choice #51 Steer

Tag # 51 My Turn X Maine/Ang Steer

Showman's Choice #65 Heifer

Tag # 65 Strictly Business X Meyer Heifer

Showman's Choice #818 Steer

Tag # 818 Eye Candy X WMW steer

Showmans Choice Sale Site

The Showman's Choice Labor Day Sale
 is held at Mittag Show Cattle
 1361 Sycamore Ave
 Prescott, Iowa

  GPS doesn't always work by just putting in the address. 
The correct GPS coordinates are 41.10684,-94.56636

We are located approx. 12 miles NW of Creston or 12 miles South of Fontanelle

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Showman's Choice # 126

Tag # 126 Carnac X Northern Lite Heifer
 (Full Sister to the 5th Overall steer at the Ohio State Fair)

Showman's Choice # 38

Tag # 38 Q Dog X Maine Steer
Champion Maine Steer - Iowa State Fair

Showman's Choice #823 Heifer

Tag # 823 Hairy Bear X WMW Heifer

Showman's Choice #10 Steer

Tag # 10 Monopoly X Ali/Simm/Ang Steer

More Sale Pics Coming

We will be adding more Sale Calf pictures
 to the blog today and tomorrow. 
 Saturday, Brad Hook will be doing videos...
so watch for those next week!

Blast From The Past

This Blast From The Past is on of our first sale ads (1995)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Showman's Choice #8 Steer

Tag #8 Monopoly X Maximus/Angus Steer

For the best results,
 our calves were prepared for pictures with
 "The Green Stuff"
 by Smooth Improvements!

Showman's Choice #46 Heifer

Tag #46 Sunseeker X Maine heifer

From Laurie Reid

Come see us!
The Showtimes Magazine in the arena at the Colorado State Fair!

Kentucky State Fair

(Picture from MO AGR)
Grand Champion Market Steer
2011 Kentucky State Fair
Shown By Sarah Ayer
Raised By Tyler McVay (MO)
Sold By Goretska
Sired By Monopoly

Monday, August 22, 2011

Updated Tabs

2011 Calf Pictures, Show Champions, and Blast From The Past Tabs have been updated.
Especially check the Champions tabs for the high volume of
results posted from the Iowa State Fair the past couple weeks.

Sells in The Showman's Choice Sale

Fitting at Iowa State Fair
3rd Overall (Champion Charolais)
Sells in The Showman's Choice Sale
This One And Only steer is ready for you to "SHOW" and "WIN"!

Blog Updates 8/20

Updated Blogs

As seen on cattle.com

Blog Roll

Goettemoeller Show Cattle Blog added to our Blog Roll

As Seen On goettemoellershowcattle.blogspot.com/

Champion Steer - Darke Co. Open Show
Raised by Rieck/Lents
Sold by Goettemoeller
Sired by Carnac
Full sister sells in the Showman's Choice Sale!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Showman's Choice Sale

The Showman's Choice Sale list. 
 Stop by Mittag Show Cattle to view the calves.

ISF Open Charolais

Supreme Champion Charolais Female
Shown by Stalcup Farm Charolais, Prescott, Iowa

ISF Sale Of Champions

Grand Champion Steer
 shown by Madisyn Jorgenson
 sold for $40,000

  Reserve Champion Steer
 shown by Gracie Russell
sold for $29,000

Midwest Club Calf Producers

We are proud to be a Bronze Contributor to
 the Midwest Club Calf Producers Group

From Laurie Reid

The Showtimes Magazine Fantasy Football  

ISF Open Shorthorns

Pictures from Top to Bottom:

Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer
 Shown by Nick Sullivan
 Sired by Right Direction

Reserve Shorthorn Plus Heifer
Shown by Cyclone Trace

3rd Over All Shorthorn Plus
Shown by Vogel Shorthorns
sired by Ace of Diamonds

4th Over All Shorthorn Plus
shown by Vogel Shorthorns
sired by Ace of Diamonds

5th Over All Shorthorn Plus
(Not Pictured)
Shown by Jacob Darbyshire

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hilbert Show Steers Sale

Make plans to attend the Hilbert Show Steers Sale.
David will have a great selection.

Showman's Choice Videos

Brad Hook will take videos of our sale calves
 in the next couple weeks. 
 Keep checking the blog for pictures and videos.

Viewing Showman's Choice Calves

The calves for sale on the
 2011 Showman's Choice Labor Day Sale
 will be available for viewing starting
 Saturday, August 20th
at Mittag Show Cattle. 
 Bids will be due by 2:00 pm on
Monday, September 5th.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Division 2 Crossbred Champion selection

As seen on Matt Lautner Cattle TV,
 sponsored by The Showman's Choice Sale..
Mittag Show Cattle and Rieck & Lents Show Cattle

ISF Steers

5th Overall Steer
 Shown by Gracie Russell.
 Ali x Heat Wave
Raised by Rob Russell.
 Full Sib to 07 Reserve Steer at Iowa State Fair

ISF Steers

4th Overall Steer
 Shown by Bailey Core
 Sired by Heat Seeker

ISF Steers

3rd Overall Steer
 Shown by Brooke Kuesel
Sired by PB Charolais Bull
 Raised by Dale Family
 Placed by Habeger/Ernst

ISF Steers

Reserve Champion Steer
 Shown by Gracie Russell.
 Wilson x Heat Wave
 Sold by Goretska
 Raised by Jeff Maas

ISF Steers

Grand Champion Steer
 Shown by Madisyn Jorgensen
Sired by Monopoly
Raised by Sullivan

ISF Market Heifers

3rd Overall Market Heifer
Shown by Macey Goretska

ISF Market Heifer

Champion Market Heifer
 shown by Tristen Ruppert
Sold by Ruby
 sired by Monopoly

ISF Market Heifers

Reserve Market Heifer
Shown by Elizabeth Jones
 Sold by Rodgers

ISF Steers

Champion Division 3 Steer
 Shown by Nathan Novak

ISF Steers

Division 2 Crossbred Champion:
 Madisyn Jorgensen
Sired by Monopoly
 Raised by John Sullivan

 Gracie Russell
 Wilson x Heat Wave
Sold by Goretska
 Raised by Maas.

 Watch for the video of the Division Championship on our blog later today
. Video is produced by Matt Lautner TV and
Sponsored by us.

ISF Steers

 Division 1 Crossbred Steers:

Top pic:  Champion: Shown by Bailey Core
Bottom Pic: Reserve: Shown by Nathan Jones

ISF Steers

Champion Simmi Steer
Shown by Abby Staudt

ISF Steers

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer
 Shown by Tyler Mitchell
 Sired by Eye Candy

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus
April Shields

ISF Steers

Champion Shorthorn Steer
Shown by Andy Schwarz