Saturday, September 27, 2014


Champion Steer, shown by Vada Vickland
Raised and sold by Mittag Show Cattle
Reserve Steer shown by Kenton Lain
Sold by Gortska


Grand Champion Steer
Shown by Vickland Family
Sired by Monopoly
Raised/Sold by Mittag Show Cattle


Division 3 Class Winner
Shown by Vickland Family
Sired by Monopoly
Raised/Sold by Mittag Show Cattle

Thursday, September 25, 2014

From Erica Gabel | LR Cattle, CO

LR Cattle Tag 3M
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Irish Whiskey/Angus
March 1st
One of our favorites from birth. Complete and sound from
the ground up. Cow family has produced good one's before!
Sells on CW Cattle Sales October 7th
Larry Reifschneider (303) 901-9014
Ryan Kunze (970) 584-9031

Vickland Steer

Good Luck Vada Vickland at Aksarben 
with your Monopoly steer
 Raised by Mittag Show Cattle.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Getting Ready For Aksarben

Violet Lapke and her Mittag Jesse James heifer
 getting ready for Aksarben.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Barnes Show Cattle (Ohio) Online Sale

Crowd Favorite
Market Heifer
Man Among Boys
Man Among Boys
TH and PHA Free
Monopoly X Paddy OMalley
Monopoly steer

Monday, September 15, 2014


Thank You Very Much to all of the buyers and bidders in this year's Showman's Choice Sale.  The sale was once again a success thanks to everyone!
Also Thanks to Ryan Habeger and Noll Ernst from www.showstockplanet.
Plan to attend next year's Showman's Choice Sale on Sept 13, 2015
High Selling Steer
Thanks to Jason Otis, Montana
High Selling Heifer
Thanks to Eric Walker Family, Arkansas

Friday, September 12, 2014


This AWESOME heifer sells Sunday!!!
Lot #5  I-80 X Monopoly Money


The Showman's Choice Sale Closes Sunday at 6:00PM CST
Make plans to view the calves this weekend if you haven't already. 
 We will be serving "Wayne's Famous Beef Brisket"
 for lunch on Saturday and Sunday!
The current bids will go online Saturday morning on

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sale Pics and Videos Posted!!!
Click on the above banner to view The Showman's Choice Sale online

Since we started accepting bids on Opening Weekend (Labor Day), those bids will be added to the online sale prior to bids opening on Saturday, Sept 13.  If you want to check the current bid on any calf prior to when bids are posted on SSP, call or text Craig Mittag at 641-344-5800. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekend Travel Directions

When traveling these next few weekends, we encourage
everyone passing through to stop at these 6 elite sales!
Below are directions FROM these respective stops TO:
From Wilson Farms - 3382 190th St. Creston, Iowa 50801 - 10.1 miles from us 
-West on 190th St. for 1.8 miles
-Turn right on Vanilla Ave. and go North for 3.9 miles
-Turn left on 150th St. (H24) and go West for 3.0 miles
-Turn right on Sycamore Ave. and go North for 1.4 miles
From Brandt Farms - 2561 Mulberry Ave. Corning, Iowa 50841 - 18 miles from us
 - North on Mulberry Ave. for 4.0 miles
-Turn right on US Highway 34 and go East for 4.0 miles
-Turn left on Quince Ave. (Prescott Exit) and go North for 3.1 miles
-Turn right to stay on Quince Ave. (Right after crossing railroad tracks)
-Continue North on Quince Ave. for 4.5 miles (Passing through Prescott, IA)
-Turn right on 150th St. (H24) and go East for 2.0 miles
-Turn left on Sycamore Ave. and go North for 1.4 miles
From Jorgensen Show Cattle - 1187 105th St. Adair, Iowa 50002 - 33.7 miles from us
-Follow 105th St. to Anita Adair Road for 1.6 miles
-Turn right on Anita Adair Road and go south for 0.4 miles
-Merge on Interstate 80 East and go 0.5 miles east to Exit 76
-Turn right off Exit 76 onto County Road 54 and go South for 5.4 miles
Turn left on 160th St (G27) and go east for 4.0 miles
-Turn right on Fontanelle Road and go South for 17.9 miles (Passing through Fontanelle, IA)
-Road turns into Sycamore Ave., go South for 3.6 miles (Turns to Gravel)
From McDaniel Cattle - 8247 104th Ln Indianola, Iowa 50125 - 73.3 miles from us
-West on Grimes St for 0.1 miles
-Turn left on 103rd Ave. and go South for 0.8 miles
-Turn left to stay on 103rd Ave (R63) and go south for 3.5 miles
-Turn right on IA Highway 92 and remain on Highway 92 for 56.6 miles (to Fontanelle, IA)
(Passing through Martensdale, Bevington, Winterset, Greenfield & Fontanelle, IA)
Turn left on 1st St. (Fontanelle Rd.) and go south for 8.7 miles
-Road turns into Sycamore Ave., go South for 3.6 miles (Turns to Gravel)
From Aces of the Pasture - 2099 Mt Etna Trail Corning, IA 50841 - 10.7 miles from us
-Turn right to remain on Mt. Etna Trail and go South for 0.5 miles
-Turn left on 140th St. and go East for 1.8 miles
-Turn right on Corning Carl Road and go South for 1.0 miles
-Turn left on 150th St. (H24) and go East for 5.9 miles
-Turn left on Sycamore Ave. and go North for 1.4 miles


Lot 5/ I-80 Heifer

 Tag #5
I-80 X Monopoly Money

We found out this year why the  I-80 heifers are so popular
 and win so many shows...
they are just FLAT GOOD! 
This one comes with an added bonus from her Monopoly Money mother- 
Her mother is a maternal sister to the dam of last year's high selling steer
 shown by Vada Vickland. 
 This heifer made a lot of friends and was very popular 
at the Iowa State Fair
 where she was the 4th Overall Prospect Heifer (pic below)