Monday, April 30, 2012

"The Banker"

Conference Champion

Congratulations to Tess Mittag.
Rolling Hills Conference Champion in the 200 Meter Dash!

From Tyler Campbell

Monopoly Money Heifer looks great!
If she develops as well as her maternal sister has, she could be a great one.

Tyler bought a My Turn heifer who is a
maternal sister to the Monopoly Money Heifer.
She has been a many time class winner
and once Reserve Chi heifer.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Tess and her date Cole Tanner
arriving at the prom.

Jesse James

Jesse James X Sunseeker.
This one is Super Shaggy!
Raised by Mittag Show Cattle

Monopoly X Money Time

This chromed up Monopoly heifer
 will be a big hit at the 
2012 Showman's Choice Sale.
 Raised by Mittag Show Cattle

Monopoly X Alias

This Monopoly heifer is a maternal
sister to the champion Mainetainer
feeder heifer atthe 2010 Iowa State Fair.
Raised by Mittag Show Cattle

Friday, April 27, 2012

Monopoly Money Heifer

Those who have seen this
 Monopoly Money heifer
 have loved her
 and we thought it was about time
to get her picture on the blog.
 Raised by Mittag Show Cattle.

Text comments since we posted this pic:
"Ya she's awesome"
"I want her"
"WOW she's a good one"
"Looks pretty Cool"
"Oh My!"

Summer Sensation Sale Group

The Showman's Choice Sale
 is very pleased to announce
 that we will be part of the
 Summer Sensation Group of Club Calf Sales
 this coming September.  

Watch our blog for dates.
  We can't wait to show you
 the best set of calves
 that we have ever been able to offer!

Mittag Show Cattle
Rieck and Lents Show Cattle

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend Winner

Grand Champion Steer – Both Rings
Blue Valley Beef Review, Fairbury, NE
Sired by Walks Alone
Shown by Ashlyn Laffey
Sold by Ottmann/Ball Show Steers
Raised by Hicks Cattle Co.
Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Northern Exposure Livestock Show, Belleville, KS
Sired by Walks Alone
Shown by Ashlyn Laffey
Sold by Ottmann/Ball Show Steers
Raised by Hicks Cattle Co.

King Of The Mountain and Monopoly Money

 King of the Mountain
Monopoly x Strictly Business/Total Play
Raised by Sullivan - Owned by Matt Lautner Cattle
Leased by Mittag Show Cattle for Summer 2012

Monopoly Money
Monopoly x Maine/Angus
Raised by Michaelis - Owned by Matt Lautner Cattle
Leased by Mittag Show Cattle Summer of 2011
 and are very happy with
 the set of Monopoly Money calves we have!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

From Matt Downing

Grizzly bull calf
raised by Matt Downing.
 Matt has a real nice set of
  Grizzly, Monopoly and Thriller calves.

Washington, IA

Grand Champion Steer
Shown by Graydon Schmidt
Raised by Tyler Hartgers
Sold by Brad Ewing
Heat Seeker x Irish Whiskey

New Website

Check out the website
 that was recently created for
 the Orient-Macksburg FFA lamb and pig show
 to be held this June in Greenfield, Iowa.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Showman's Choice Sale

Many of the Iowa sales that were normally held on Labor Day have decided to move to later dates to avoid heat stress on the calves. Watch our blog for updates on the new sale date for our Showman's Choice Sale. If you have any comments or suggestions call or text Craig or Tucker.

The Bull Pen - Wade Rodgers Interview Part 1

The Bull Pen - Wade Rodgers Interview Part 2

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jimmy Buffet

Very good Concert in DesMoines on Tuesday night!

Saturday's Tornado

This is a photo of the tornado that hit Creston on Saturday night.
The city of Creston received extensive damage
 including the hospital, Community College,
 AEA building, Middle school and
 many apartments and residences.
The overwhelming number of calls and texts
we received on Saturday night from friends and family 
checking on our safety was very much appreciated.
We didn't have any damage at Mittag Show Cattle, 
just a lot of rain!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mittag Show Cattle Blog!

The Mittag Show Cattle Blog was used for an all new purpose today
 at the Bob Williams Memorial Classic. Since I had the opportunity
to serve as the judge for this high quality show, Tess rode with and as
each breed champion and reserve were selected she would post the
results instantly on the blog.  Many of the exhibitors at the show
were logged into the blog on their cell phones nd were watching the
progress of the show. By viewing the blog, they knew when they
needed to head to the showring with their calves. As the judge I
can testify that we never waited for anyone to show up for a class. 
 Technology at its best!

Tim J. MitchellApr 16, 2012 07:54 AM
I agree. This set-up was awesome. So many times I tend to be the runner to check on the show ring progress and keep the nephews informed while they are fitting. It was great to know what was going on AS it happened. Thanks for doing this Tess and Craig. Someday it would be great to have live blogs at all shows.
Tim Mitchell

Nevada, IA

Grand Champion Steer
Champion Xbred
Shown by Brandon Reynolds
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Rodgers

Nevada, IA

Reserve Market Animal
Reserve Xbred
Shown by Haylea England
Sired by Kemosabe

Nevada, IA

3rd Overall Market Animal
Champion Market Heifer
Shown by Dustin Lund
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Goet & Rodgers

Nevada, IA

4th Overall Market Animal
Champion Maine
Shown by Dustin Lund
Sired by Smiling Bob
Sold by Rodgers

Nevada, IA

5th Overall Market Animal
Reserve Maine
Shown by Morgan McDermott
Sired by Bojo

Nevada, IA

Champion Xbred Steer: Brandon Reynolds
Reserve: Haylea England

Nevada, IA

Champion Shorthorn Steer: Jacob Donohoe
Reserve: Jace Ites

Champion Shorthorn+ Steer: Alex Alliger
Reserve: Josie Wagler

Champion Simmental Steer: Jarrett Donohoe

Nevada, IA

Champion Chianina Steer: Cody Fausch

Champion Maine Steer: Dustin Lund
Reserve: Morgan McDermott

Nevada IA

Champion Charolais Steer: Alexas Hanson
Reserve: Cody Butler

Nevada IA

Champion Angus Steer: Olivia Johnson
Reserve: Olivia Johnson

Nevada, IA

Champion Market Heifer: Dustin Lund
Reserve: Jack McKinney

Nevada, IA

Supreme Champion Female
Champion Chi
Shown by Olivia Lapke
Sired by Jesse James
Raised by Carrousel Farms
Sold by Guyer/Sachau

Nevada, IA

Reserve Champion Heifer
Champion Mainetainer
Shown by Drew Mitchell
Sired by Paddy O' Malley

Nevada, IA

4th Overall Heifer
Champion Commercial
Shown by Kade Killmer
Raised by Asche
Sired by Monopoly

Nevada, IA

3rd Overall Female
Champion Angus
Shown by Jordan Johnson

Nevada, IA

5th Overall Heifer
Champion Shorthorn
Shown by Jared Gillespie
Sired by Ace of Diamonds
Raised by Gillespie/Rupp

Nevada, IA

Champion Commercial Heifer: Kade Killmer
Reserve: Olivia Lapke

Nevada, IA

Champion Shorthorn Heifer: Jared Gillespie
Reserve: Hunter Wilkening

Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer: Olivia Lapke

Champion Simmental Heifer: Isaac Bryant

Nevada, IA

Champion High Maine Heifer: Amy Sampson

Champion Mainetainer Heifer: Drew Mitchell
Reserve: Brynn Nickle

Nevada, IA

Champion Gelbvieh Heifer: Jefferey Ohlinger

Champion Hereford Heifer: Abby Anderlik

Champion Lowline: Marcus Gatewood
Reserve: Alexis Gatewood

Champion Red Angus Heifer: Camiel Blomme

Nevada, IA

Champion Chianina Heifer: Olivia Lapke
Reserve: Reed Shockley

Nevada, IA

Champion Charolais Heifer: Baylee Butler

Champion Charolais Composite Heifer: Tayler Etzel
Reserve: Baylee Butler

Nevada, IA

Champion Angus Heifer: Jordan Johnson
Reserve: Logan Zaabel

B Good Goat Sale

B Good Livestock Goat Sale still on!!
Try to come around to highway 25 N of Creston to
150th St E to Green Valley Rd then S to SWCC AG Site.
Too confused, call us and we will help you get there. 
Patience with phones a little slow.
Might try text. 641-344-6347 & 641-344-2112.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

From Clint Barnes

Clint and Greg Barnes from Ohio
 viewed our calves this morning
and this was Clint's text comment
about the Mittag Show Cattle
set of calves after he left.

  "I think its the best and deepest set
you have had in the
 almost 15 years
I've been coming out."

Thanks Clint!

Bethany MO

Grand Champion Steer
Champion Maine
Shown by Jarrod Kromray
Sired by Bojo
Sold by Ewing/Baker

Bethany MO

Reserve Champion Steer
Champion Xbred
Shown by Bill Jennings

Bethany MO

Supreme Champion Female
Champion High Maine
Shown by Brady Hawkins
Sired by Undertaker
Sold by Ewing

Bethany MO

Reserve Champion Heifer
Champion Simmental
Shown by Jordan Cowger

Monopoly Money Heifer

We have extremely high expectations
for this Monopoly Money heifer prospect.
 Very feminine & attractive
 with a lot of body!
 Raised by Mittag Show Cattle

Sullivan Online Sale

CW Cattle Sales - Visit for all your online show cattle sales!
Sullivan Farms Online Fall Born Heifer Sale
Caldwell-Willoughby Sales - 309-253-5729 or 317-340-6392  |  |