Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Showman's Choice - Lot 11

Lot 11
MAB x Who Made Who

Lot 11 is another younger (April) steer, however even though he only weighed 385 lbs at the Iowa State Fair....He was Reserve Crossbred and 4th Overall.  Just think what one this good can do at State Fair, Aksarben or Kansas City!


Showman's Choice - Lot 25

Lot 25
Control Freak X Simm/Ang

This one may be a lot younger than we normally have in our September sale, 
but we feel this one has a very bright future!

Here is one you can feed and not play the holding game.



Here is one that will grab the judges attention.  
When this one hairs back up you will be really happy you bid on this one!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Lot 21
Monopoly X Mittag Alias Donor

Another Heifer that is out of our Alias Donor, 
someone who seen her today simply said, "Wow, they all have that look don't they?"


The Showman's Choice Sale
Man Among Boys x Oakdale Duke

Maternal, Sound and Big Bodied....
That is how we like our breeding heifers, and that describes this heifer exactly!

She has been shown twice:
Reserve Supreme Prospect Heifer, Afton Open Show - Judge Ky Stierwalt
Reserve Champion Prospect Chianina Heifer, Iowa State fair - Judge Tyler Stutsman

You better be on the halter next time she wins!!!


Liquid Courage x Monopoly

This steer is one of my favorite steers that I have ever raised. 
 He is truly that "Hard To Find" kind.

-Huge Square Hip
-Super Sound and Big Footed
-Super Model Attractive

Monday, August 29, 2016

Mittag Alias Donor does it again!!!

2016 Showman's Choice Sale

Monopoly x Mittag Alias Donor

The Monopoly X Alias mating has worked very well for us. 4 of her brothers are pictured below...

Updated Backdrop Pic

Updated backdrop picture of Christian Netzke's 
Reserve Division 3 Crossbred steer at the Minnesota State Fair.
This steer sold as Lot 1 in The 2015 Showman's Choice Sale and Lot 1 in Habeger's Sale.
Monopoly x Mittag Alias Donor

Black Power Play headed back to MLC

Black Power Play is headed back to Matt Lautner Cattle.
Thanks Matt for allowing us the opportunity to lease this outstanding young bull.
Black Power Play has possibly the most perfect hind leg I have ever seen!  This bull is sound as a cat and looks great coming out of the pasture after 60 days with our cows!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Congratulations Netzke Family

(photo courtesy of The Pulse)
Congratulations to the Netzke family on showing the Grand Champion Steer (Champ Charolais) and the Reserve Champion Division 3 Crossbred (Raised by Mittag).  You have done a fantastic job and your dedication payed off today!
"Congratulations "and "Thank You" from Mittag Show Cattle

Minnesota State Fair

Reserve Div 3 Crossbred Steer
Minnesota State Fair
Shown by Christian Netzke
Bred by Mittag Show Cattle
Sold by Habeger
Monopoly X Mittag Alias Donor

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Mittag Calf Photos

Mittag Design will be taking the Mittag Show Cattle sale calf pictures and videos 
this weekend, so that way Craig can stop posting cell phone pictures.  
Watch the Blog, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for updates!

Sale Bedding Has Arrived

Lots 2 & 4 Showman's Choice

Tag 2 Monopoly Heifer

Tag 4
Exit 174 Market heifer

Just an example of the high quality Rieck and Lents consignments 
to this year's Showman's Choice Sale

(Calves will be available for viewing starting this weekend at Mittag Show Cattle)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016


This Control Freak steer has been a favorite since we posted a picture of him very early.
His Mother is a Monopoly x Mittag Alias Donor (Full sib to our many Champions)

Pictured as a baby in April

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mittag Show Cattle Consignments in The Showman's Choice Sale.

                               Mittag Show Cattle 2016 Showman’s Choice Consignments
              (We will be doing pictures and videos over the next few weeks, and will be posting them)

Lot 1…………Monopoly x Alias Donor………….It seems like it has become tradition that the Lot 1 calf in The Showman’s Choice Sale is a Monopoly x Alias.  That is mostly due to the fact that they are really good and the 7 calves that have been shown out of our Alias Donor have been all named Champions!  Don’t hesitate to start bidding on this awesome market heifer prospect. Families that have shown confidence in this mating are Vickland, Caldwell, Rodgers, Roberts, Gortezka, Shorter, Habeger, Netzke, Stream, Toews and Anglin.

Lot 3…………MAB x Dr Who……………..We are really excited about the future of this steer. He has been one of our favorites since birth.  He is super stout boned, massive and attractive.  His mother is a cow that we purchased from Holtkamp and we plan to flush her to MAB, when you see this steer you will know why.

Lot 5………….Liquid Courage x Monopoly………….DON’T BUY THIS STEER, unless you are serious about filling your trophy case.  This is one of those steers we strive to raise, he is just flat out super cool and ultra sound.  Plan on seeing his picture a lot during the coming show season!  (Liquid Courage is an Irish Whiskey X Dr Who  bull owned by Reimann, Rodgers and Fair) The mother of this steer was a show heifer of VanVliets.

Lot 7…………..Monopoly x A Step Up…………This steer is one of those steers that is just hard to find anything wrong with, he is ultra sound, soft and big bodied and really attractive.  This one will be fun to show!

Lot 9………….MAB x Oakdale Duke……………..She has already been shown successfully, tallying up wins as Reserve Champion Chianina Prospect Heifer at the Iowa State fair and Reserve Champion Heifer at the Afton Open Prospect Show.  Maternal, Big Bodied and Sound best describe this heifer.  This one will hang some banners for you! Her mother is the great Smokie cow we purchased from Jason Minneart.

Lot 11…………….MAB x Who Made Who………. This  younger steer is the one we pictured on our ad.  To use the words of Tyler Stutsman who judged the Prospect Show at the Iowa State Fair, “ Here is a steer with a very bright future” He was the Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer and 4th Overall coming out of the lightweight class.  Many maternal brothers to this steer have won a lot of shows.

Lot 13………….Italian Stallion x Dr Who……………We really enjoy showing these sale calves to make sure that they can win before we sell them to you.  This steer was Grand Champion Steer at the Afton Open Prospect Show under judge Ky Stierwalt.  Ky commented, “This steer is just so sound, smooth  and complete.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Lot 15………………….Monopoly x Alias………………….Here is a super stout Smokie  Monopoly out of a full sister to our Alias Donor.  He got the tip of his tail stepped on in the pasture and the hair is trying to grow back. This happened to one of our steers a few years ago and his tail hair grew back and he was the Tyson Tucker’s Grand Champion Steer at the Union County Fair.  I really like this steer.

Lot 17…………I-80 X A Step Up……………….We are really loving this female, she is incredibly smooth and feminine and has that Junior National Maintainer look!  A full brother to this heifer was Reserve Champion Maine Prospect Steer at the Iowa State Fair and Reserve Champion Steer at the Appanoose County Fair for Zoe Joiner.

Lot 19……………..MAB x Maximus Donor…………This ET heifer will catch your attention first because she is super model attractive, she is also as hairy as you can get one.  This young heifer has a bright future with many maternal sibs who have won championships in her pedigree including 2 different champion steers for the Means family.

Lot 21……………..Monopoly x Alias Donor……………WOW!!!!!  Here is a heifer out of our Alias donor that will win shows and produce winning steers in the future.  This one could go either way, Breeding or Market.  .  Don’t miss the chance to add these genetics to your showstring and cowherd.

Lot 23……………..Monopoly x Alias Donor……………….Here is another full sister to many champions out of our Alias Donor, This one has been a favorite since birth.  She will make an awesome Chi or Commercial heifer for an experienced showman.

Lot 25……………...Control Freak x Simm/Ang……………We leased Control freak last year and got a very exciting group of calves.  Obviously they are a lot younger than everything else in the sale but we think even being younger and smaller they can hold their own.  Great steer for a later show.

Lot 27………………Control Freak x Monopoly……………….Here is another young Control Freak.  This one caused quite a stir when he was born and we put his picture on the blog at only a few hours old.  Real good then…..Real good now…..A REALLY GOOD FAT STEER!  This steer’s mother is a full sib to all of our Monopoly Alias Donor Champions.

Lot 29………………Liquid Courage x Monopoly……………..Here is another steer bred very similar to the lot 5 steer, this mating really works.  Big footed, sound and stout. A maternal brother to this steer was a many time champion steer in Kansas a few years ago.


Lot 1
The Showman's Choice
Monopoly x Mittag Alias Donor

It seems like it has become tradition that the Lot 1 calf
 in The Showman’s Choice Sale is a Monopoly x Alias. 
That is mostly due to the fact that they are really good
 and the 7 calves that have been shown out of our Alias Donor
 have been all named Champions! 
Don’t hesitate to start bidding on this awesome market heifer prospect. 
Families that have shown confidence in this mating are 
Vickland, Caldwell, Rodgers, Roberts, Gortezka, Shorter, 
Habeger, Netzke, Stream, Toews and Anglin.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Showman's Choice...Lot 9

The Showman's Choice 
Lot #9
Sired by MAB
Reserve Champion Chianina Prospect Heifer, Iowa State Fair
Reserve Champion Prospect Heifer, Afton Open Show

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Res Crossbred Steer

Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer
4th Overall
Iowa State Fair Prospect Show
Bred by Mittag Show Cattle
Sired by MAB
He sells as Lot 11 in The Showman's Choice Sale

Crossbred Steers

Mittag Show Cattle
Champion Lightweight (MAB x Who Made Who)
Champion Middleweight (Liquid Courage x Monopoly)
Crossbred Steers
Iowa State Fair Prospect Show.

The Lightweight went on to be Reserve Champion Crossbred steer and 4th Overall.

The Lightweight (MAB) sells as Lot 11
 the Middleweight (Liquid Courage) sells as Lot 5
in The Showman's Choice Sale.

Chianina Heifer/Iowa State Fair

Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer
Iowa State Fair
Mittag Show Cattle
Sired by MAB
She sells as Lot 9 in the Showman's Choice
Sept 11

Friday, August 12, 2016

TV Stars

Mittag Show Cattle on WHO TV
this morning from the Iowa State Fair!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Apollo Creed

Late April Apollo Creed x Maine/Angus heifer
Raised by Rod Wolf, IA
Apollo Creed semen available through Matt Lautner Cattle
Apollo Creed raised by Mittag Show Cattle

Apollo Creed
Monopoly x Heat Seeker
Raised by Mittag Show Cattle
Owned by Matt Lautner Cattle

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

Shootout Champions!

The Champions and Reserves are now listed and pictured on the Best Of The Southwest Shootout Facebook page.

  • Breeding Doe-
  • Champ: Natalye Scholl, Cass Co
  • Res: Izaac Dukes, Taylor Co

  • Breeding Ewe-
  • Champ: Sammi Long, Adair Co
  • Res: Allie Sandin, Montgomery Co

  • Breeding Gilt-
  • Champ: Mikaela Downing, Union Co
  • Res: Annie Herr, Adair Co

  • Breeding Heifer-
  • Champ: Makayka Houck, Adams Co
  • Res: Brock Henderson, Cass Co

  • Market Goat-
  • Champ: Aaron Suhr, Cass Co
  • Res: Abby Dukes, Taylor Co

  • Market Lamb-
  • Champ: Cade Suhr, Adair Co
  • Res: Allie Sandin, Montgomery Co

  • Market Hog-
  • Champ: Hayden VanMeter, Montgomery Co
  • Res: Annie Herr, Adair Co

  • Market Steer-
  • Champ: Sanden Cheers, Union Co
  • Res: Dustin Lund, Adams Co