Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mittag/Stierwalt Showman's Choice Sale

Kirk and Ky Stierwalt & Craig and Tucker Mittag
will again this year team up with an outstanding set of calves for
hosted online by Breedersworld in September!

Selling 20 head of the VERY BEST!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

State Fair Breaking

Starting the halter breaking process!

Fu Man Chu X Snookie

She is about as massive as you can make a baby calf!

Beauty Boy X RSVP

To simply say we are excited about this steer is a huge understatement!

Black Power Play X Mittag Alias Donor

They are picking them Maternal looking now days.....SHE'S MATERNAL!!!!!

In God We Trust x Dr Who

One of the Top Market Heifer prospects of the year!
Raised by Mittag Genetics

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Maternal and Full sibs to the Champions below will sell this Fall....ALL Raised by Mittag
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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hi Ho Silver Commercial Heifer

Class wining Commercial Heifer
Decatur FFA Jackpot, Leon, IA
Shown by Tyler Means
Sold/Raised by Mittag Show Cattle
Sired by Hi Ho Silver
"This heifer is going to make an awesome cow and is my kind of Commercial heifer"

Champion Charolais Composite Heifer
Decatur Co FFA Jackpot Show
Leon, IA
Shown by Tyler Means
Sold by Mittag Genetics
Raised by Bruce Movall
Sired by Gunsmoke
Currently 2nd in IJBBA Charolais Composite points

From Glen Toews

This steer sired by MAB and sold in The Showman's Choice Sale to Glen Toews.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Cow-Calf Pair

#113 MG Dr. Who cow with her In God We trust heifer calf.
Watch for this outstanding heifer prospect in The Showman's Choice Sale!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Miss Y05 "Annie"

Miss Y05 "Annie"
Annie has been a herd favorite since she was a many-time Champion heifer
for Tess as she wrapped up her show career.

Annie's first calf (a Jesse James heifer) was the 
Reserve Champion Prospect Heifer at the Iowa State Fair and successfully
shown by the Lapke family.

She has also had another high selling heifer on The Showman's Choice Sale and a steer that
sold to John Maples in Alabama.

The Best is yet to come for Annie....She had a late calf out of a cleanup bull last year so we held her over and bred her for a Fall "Yellow Jacket"

Those Yellow Jacket x Monopoly calves are flat out GOOD and can WIN!

ET Success

Last year we purchased some embryos online and  it was a successful buy!

Here I Am x Marley (I Believe's Full Sister)

Possibly the biggest footed animal we have ever raised. 
 I'm thinking this just could be an incredible market heifer.

Mittag Genetics Purebred Addition

We’ve been looking to add a Purebred female to Mittag Genetics continually growing herd and finally found one! Already named the Reserve Junior Champion at the 2013 Missouri State Fair and Division 3 Champion at the 2013 Sho-Me Classic Junior Charolais Show, we’re very excited to get this outcross pedigreed cow into club calf production!