Saturday, November 17, 2018

Harvest Moon Livestock Show

4th Overall Heifer
Harvest Moon Livestock Show
Bakersfield, California
Congratulations Connor Markley
In God We Trust x Monopoly/Alias
Bred and Sold by Mittag Show Cattle
She sold in our October Sale

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


As the Fall sale season comes to an end for Mittag Show Cattle and Mittag Genetics, we would like to say 
"Thank You" for an outstanding year.
-Thanks to the buyers, bidders and those who stopped by to view the calves.  We sold calves to Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, California, Arizona, Oklahoma and Canada.
- Thanks to everyone at Breedersworld, Caldwell-Willoughby and Show Circuit for hosting our 3 online sales.
- Thanks to Kirk and Ky Stierwalt for consigning calves again this year to our Showman's Choice Sale.
- Thanks to our family and crew for your hours of help getting calves and sales ready.
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Thursday, November 1, 2018


Here are a few cell phone pics of some of the females 
selling in "The Choice" Sale on November 5th.

Lot 6
In God We Trust x Alias

Lot 1
Style x I-80/Heatwave

Lot 2
Fu Man Chu x Holtkamp's Center Of Attention

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


When we first started talking about having an all female sale in November, the first thing I said was that the group of heifers that we offer needs to be absolutely elite.  I won't try to sell a female that I wouldn't buy myself it she was on someone else's sale.
1. They have to be sound....This group of females are all structurally correct and none of them have tight hocks or short strided.  Check out the videos!
2. They must be attractive.....I think it is pretty obvious by the pictures of these females that they all meet this criteria pretty easily.
3. They must be functional and make cows after their show careers....Again this group of heifers all have enough rib shape, muscle mass and production bred into them to make cows and/or donors for years to come for their new owners.  At Mittag Show Cattle and Mittag Genetics our cows have to be able to produce a high quality calf every year.  We can't  have 3 Fall sales with only 45 cows if our cows don't produce!
4. Since they are show heifers, they have to have good disposition...Every one of these females are nearly ready for the show ring.  They are lead every day into the wash room and around the show barn, disposition is not an issue on any of these!
5.  They have to be able to win in the show ring... Lots 1 and 2 have already been shown and have been named Champion Commercial/3rd Overall and Champion Chianina at the Iowa State Fair Prospect Show.

If you have any questions on any of these heifers, call Craig at 641-344-5800 
or Tucker at 641-344-6858.

Stop by any time to view them at 1361 Sycamore Ave. Prescott, IA  50859

Pictures and videos can be viewed at SC Online Sales

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lot 10 Tag 210 "THE CHOICE SALE"

LOT 10  TAG 210
Steer raising mama! These are the types of females that bring 3x as much as bred heifers. Bold in her makeup and just enough clubby in her pedigree, a line-bred steer out of her in a few years will be giving you a lifestyle of the rich and famous.



LOT 9 TAG 209
We sold a couple of these Beasty Boy sired females in our October sale and they were very well received. I really like the femininity that this heifer possesses while still standing on more than enough foot and bone size. She was super green when we weaned her late this summer and she continues to improve each and every day she is on feed. Her dark red color makes her very valuable as a breeding piece as well!


LOT 8 TAG 208
If you had one guess at this one's sire, I bet it wouldn't have been Here I Am. For a HIA, she is breeding heifer built through and through with all the rib shape, length, and balance as you can want in one.



Lot 7  Tag 207
Black Power Play x Alias Donor
A direct daughter out of "The" Mittag Alias Donor. With the success we had with BPP a year ago including a $12,500 steer sold to Bonham, it was only fitting we tried him when we naturally bred her last spring. With her added frame size and angularity, I think this one could be a competitive breeding heifer on top of being a steer producer. Built very similar to her famous mother, she will quickly become your most consistent producer.


Lot 6 Tag 206
In God We Trust x Alias
With my love for white ones and trying to stay ahead of the curve, a year ago I suggested to breed IGWT. Dad was very hesitant and the only reason he bred some was because I bought the semen. Fast forward a year, when we were clipping on this one it was suggested to me that we need to breed a lot more and somehow it was his idea?! No matter who's idea it was, we are all in on these IGWT cattle. We only got heifers out of him this year and have sold both very well with the high being $14,000 to Wade himself. This one is out of a full sister in blood to the Mittag Alias Donor. While most people wish this one was a Composite Charolais, imagine how you’ll stick out in the Chi or Commercial division with this bold made, sappy bellied one.


LOT 5 TAG 205
Things just got freaky! With both style and hair to burn, you can't help but find this one. She's been a standout all year long and it's been hard waiting till November to offer her to the public. This I Believe x Monopoly mating works awesome with a pile of champions, high sellers, and promotional bulls. Why blend in when you can break the mold and stand out!?


LOT 4 TAG 204
For any club calf breeder trying to raise some Simmentals, it's easy to forget how later maturing some of these are. This heifer continues to get better each day she is on feed. In my opinion, it's hard to make Purebreds with a neck like this yet still remaining smooth in their makeup and enough punch in terms of muscle shape. One that not only will be an excellent show heifer but I think her best days could very well be ahead of her raising the next generation. Her mother was a $13,500 selection out of the 2016 First Class Female Sale that has already more than paid for herself in only 2 years of production. Genetics out of young proven donors are often wise to bank up on!


Lot 3 Tag 203
Monopoly x Irish Whiskey
Although I have a Style female in the sale that I'm rather fond of, this is still my kind of female. This Monopoly x Irish Whiskey female raised by Bauer and Deardorff is an excellent combination female in my opinion. She has the angularity and rib shape to be a great show heifer yet has enough muscle and foot/bone size to still be able to raise ‘em. In today's world, these types of females are hard to come by. She is out of one of the most impressive Irish Whiskey cows I've seen that Bauer and Deardorff bought when Wipple’s from SD dispersed their cows.


Lot 2 Tag 202
Fu Man Chu x Holtkamp Center Of Attention
Just one word is needed to describe this female that is so hard to pick a whole in … C O M P L E T E … Back in August she was selected the Champion Chi Heifer at the Iowa State Fair Prospect Show and has come on like crazy in the past 30 days. Out of our Snookie cow from Holtkamp that raised Sigmon's Many Time Champion Simmi Heifer sold by Jeremy Clark a few years back. Perfect candidate for Chi Junior Nationals right here in Iowa in 2019.


Lot 1/ Tag 201  Style x I-80
When you decide to hold an "elite" female sale, the first thing you need is "elite" females. For a young guy like myself who is just beginning to raise and trade a few cattle, it is truly humbling to be able to offer a female of this caliber. In my opinion she is one of the best females to have ever walked our place. From the minute I found her on Bogie Greene's online sale in May, to her being selected 3rd Overall Heifer at the 2018 Iowa State Fair Prospect Show, I knew this is one I wanted to be a part of. I could go on and on about how good she is both phenotypically and genotypically.  There's no question that Style females flat out get to the backdrop so if you enjoy standing in front of them like I do, I'd suggest you keep hitting the "Submit Bid" button on Monday the 5th!

Monday, October 15, 2018

TAG 221 Market Heifer...SELLS THURSDAY!

Her is a BIG TIME Market Heifer!
Beauty Boy x Irish Whiskey/Steel Force
The dam of this heifer was purchased from Swansons. 
She is full sister to many high selling females for Griswolds.