Tuesday, February 28, 2017

MAB x Oak

This little stud has been our biggest surprise so far this year.
He is sired by MAB out of our Smokey Charolais sired cow "Oak".
To say the least, we were shocked he was black!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Last Minute Prep on Joe Herr's Maine Steer

Liquid Courage steer before entering the show ring at the Iowa Beef Expo
Shown by Joe Herr
Bred and Sold by Mittag Show Cattle


Good Rip was purchased at the Right Direction sale and
 was a show heifer for the VanVliet family.
Her Liquid Courage steer was the high selling steer
 in the 2016 Showman's Choice Sale and is being successfully shown by Joe Herr. 
Above is a pic of Joe's steer winning his class at the Iowa Beef Expo and this year's full brother.

COW FEATURE....Mittag Maximus Donor

Watch for more MAB calves this year out of our Maximus Donor.

COW FEATURE.....(Alias Tag #38)

Raised by Mittag Show Cattle, Alias Tag #38 is a full sister to our Mittag Alias Donor.
She continues to produce impressive calves,
 her Hi Ho Silver pictured above has us really excited.


Oak is sired by (Charolais Bull) Oakdale Duke
We purchased her from Jason Minnaert and she has become one of our favorite cows.
Her first 2 heifers have been very successful and 
she has an MAB steer this year that looks to be a top prospect.


Annie is a Monopoly X Simmental
 We purchased Annie from Matt Lautner and raised by Oakley Kirshner.
After her very successful show career, she has produced some outstanding calves.
We are planning to flush her to female sexed Style semen after she calves this spring.

COW FEATURE...Mittag Alias Donor

The Mittag Alias Donor continues to produce CHAMPIONS!!!!!
She has sold over $100,000 in calves.
Mittag Alias Donor was bred by Mittag Show Cattle.
Watch for her Monopoly and MAB progeny.

COW FEATURE....Mittag (Tag#3) Dr Who Cow

This Dr Who cow has a very bright future at Mittag Show Cattle.
She was purchased from Holtkamp and this red and white steer is her first MAB.
  She also raised a $10,000 Monopoly heifer for Holtkamp prior to our purchase.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hamilton Photos/Iowa Beef Expo

Thanks to Hamilton Photos for capturing this photo
of Joe Herr's Class Winning Maine Steer bred and sold by Mittag Show Cattle.

Joe had a great Iowa Beef Expo...Congratulations!

Iowa Beef Expo

Thanks to our Customers and Crew for a successful show!

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Reserve Champion Division 1 Crossbred Steer
Iowa Beef Expo
Shown by Tyler Means
Bred and Sold by Mittag Show Cattle
Sold as Lot 3 on The Showman's Choice Sale
Sired by MAB
Mother is a Dr Who cow purchased from Holtkamp

Sunday at the Iowa Beef Expo

Sunday Candid pictures from the Iowa Beef Expo.
Congratulations to the Mittag Show Cattle and Mittag Genetics customers and crew
 for making this year's Iowa Beef Expo fun and successful.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Clipped for Expo

MAB x Mittag Maximus Donor
Clipped for expo, sold as lot 19 in The Showman's Choice Sale
Good Luck Henneman Family! 

Ion Beef Expo Begins....

                                                      Iowa Beef Expo judging Contest.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Calving Season Begins at MSC

First calf of the season at Mittag Show Cattle.
I-80 heifer calf born unassisted out of an Eye Candy first calf heifer.

Monday, February 6, 2017