Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Exciting Opportunity from Raasch Family Cattle, MO

This morning Mittag Genetics was fortunate enough to win the opportunity to flush any cow at Raasch Family Cattle, MO to the bull of our choice! Extremely excited to work with them on an awesome opportunity to expand our Charolais and Charolais Influenced program.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Thank You Ben Kelly!

Thank You to Ben Kelly for the beautiful framed print of the 
Grand Champion Steer at Aksarben
presented to Mittag Show Cattle
today at the Right Direction Female Sale.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


A bull this cool is hard to find. We (E & E Cattle Company) are very pleased to have raised this one, and are beyond excited for his future. To be slick fronted, extended, deep, wide, AND to be notably sound is not an easy task of putting together. He's been generations in the making and definitely not something you want to miss! PB Simmentals like this one don't come along ever day. Need I say more?
DOB: 2017/02/27
PB Simmental
ASA #: 3361274
Selling at the Kentucky Beef Expo!
For Information on this bull, Contact Eli Shannon at 219-863-2659

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic!

These 2 Black Power Play daughters sell
at the

They are consigned by Bar S Cattle, Mark Seffinga

Both heifers bred by Mittag Show Cattle
and sired by Black Power Play

Black Power Play X Meyer 734
(Maternal sib to one of the top producing cows in the MSC herd)
Black Power Play x RSVP
(Mother of this heifer purchased in the Incredible Female Sale)

Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Sale Schedule from Mittag Show Cattle and Mittag Genetics

2018 The Showman's Choice Online Sale
Mittag Show Cattle | Stierwalt Cattle | Mittag Genetics
Hosted by Breedersworld Online Sales
2018 Mittag Online Sale
Mittag Show Cattle | Mittag Genetics
Hosted by CW Cattle Sales

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Black Power Play Lease

For the past several years, we have selected a yearling bull 
on display at the National Western Stock Show to lease.
 We have had great success with bulls such as:
 Monopoly Money
 King Of The Mountain
 Alpha Male
Control Freak
 Beastie Boy
and then came along Black Power Play!
Mittag Show Cattle couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity
 from Matt Lautner Cattle to get Black Power Play 
BACK AGAIN IN 2018!!!!

Our 2017 calf crop out of Black Power Play was outstanding, 
so much so that Matt Lautner offered to purchase
 our entire group of Black Power Play sired calves.
Even though we appreciated the offer we kept the calves and wow were we
happy that we did, because the sale success we had with them even 
blew us away which included a $12,500 steer selling to Steve Bonham.

We are expecting a full sib to that high selling steer this year
 along with a Black Power Play sired calf out of our famous Mittag Alias Donor.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Superflex banner in Denver featuring the Herr family
and Joe's Aksarben Grand Champion Steer 
raised and sold by Mittag Show Cattle.

October Sale renewed with CW

Mittag Show Cattle & Mittag Genetics
has renewed our October Online Sale to be held
on CW again in 2018.

Friday, January 12, 2018


These embryos sell tonight!

Mittag Genetics currently owns a full sister to the 
2017 Grand Champion Steer at the Iowa State Fair
 and these embryos...... and believe me"She is Exciting"

Class On Class

Excited to introduce Class on Class 
 as he makes his debut today on display at the the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. 
3/4 Maine and % Chi 
April 8th son of Daddy’s Money out of the legendary JSC Katie 05s Irish Whiskey donor. 
With a Birth Weight of only 75lbs makes him a must use sire in 2018. 
We invite everyone to come check him out. 
Note: He has already frozen a limited supply high quality semen at Nichols Cryo Genetics

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Antidote

It’s Denver time again and it’s with great pleasure I introduce a bull we call The Antidote. With the competitive bull market I spent countless hours searching for a potential AI sire with a fresh but relevant pedigree that offers added growth and skeletal correctness without sacrificing power and look to sire sought after progeny that will add value to your calf crop. We feel The Antidote check marks those questions for us and will take the guesswork out those late night decisions on what to breed your cows to. Come see us in Denver and we would love to talk to you about this upcoming sire. Pictured below is The Antidote’s maternal sister selling as lot #69 in the Combined Forces sale in a couple weeks in Dunlap.

Monday, January 8, 2018


Cramer's Money
PB Maine-Anjou
Mike Cramer
Brenham, TX
See him at the Fort Worth Stock Show!

Denver !

If you have a display bull in Denver this year and would like us to help with promotion by posting pictures and information on our blog, just text pic and info to Craig at 641-344-5800 or Tucker at 641-344-6858.

As the National Western Stock Show gets under way, 
Here are a few Mittag Show Cattle photos from past years.

Arizona National

From Justin LaRue, Idaho
MAB heifer purchased in The Showman's Choice Sale at the Arizona National.
Looks Good Justin!


Just working on a few heifers at Mittag Show Cattle.
The white heifer is a full sister to the 2017 Grand Champion Steer at the Iowa State Fair 
raised by Staley Show Cattle.  
The Black and White Heifer is sired by Stock Broker 
and is our recent purchase from Matt Lautner Cattle.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


Mittag Show Cattle, Mittag Design and Mittag Genetics would like to send out a 
Huge "Thank You" to everyone involved in this year's Fitting Perfection Contest.

Thank you to everyone who sent in entries, those who took the time to vote, 
and those who supported this year's participants.

A special Thanks goes out to our sponsors...

We look forward to the 2018 contest, send in your entries any time.

Senior Back Leg Division Winner!

Congratulations to Austin Reitzenstien, Colorado
for winning the Senior Back Leg Division of the 2017
Fitting Perfection Contest.
Austin will receive a Turbo Fan from Sullivan Supply
and a Wind Jacket from MeMe's Custom Embroidery.

2nd Place..........#3...........Zach Greiman, Iowa
3rd Place............#9........Kendra Vanorder, Michigan
4th place.......#2.......Drew Curtis, Nebraska
5th Place.........#7 .........Caleb Streitmatter, Indiana
6th Place.........#5............Cole Neil, Iowa
7th place..........#1...........Spencer Armstrong, Iowa
8th Place.......#10..........Evan Witte, Indiana
9th Place...........#8..........Abigail Thornton, Ohio
10th Place...........#4.........Riley Knoblock, Iowa

Congratulations to all of these Finalists, this division was extremely tough!

2018 Fitting Perfection Contest | Senior Back Legs











Friday, January 5, 2018

Add Yourself To This List Of Champions!

Add yourself to this photo group of Champions raised and sold
by Mittag Show Cattle

Junior Back Leg Winner!

Congratulations Bode Druckenmiller, Iowa (Age 11) for winning 
the 2017 Junior Back Leg Division
 of the Fitting Perfection Contest.
Bode will receive a Wind Jacket from MeMe's Custom Embroidery
and a Turbo Fan from Sullivan Supply.

2nd Place..........#9.....Riley Jansen, Iowa
3rd Place..........#5........Kendall Leonhard, Indiana
4th Place.........#3..........Sam Houde, South Dakota
5th Place...........#7...........Chris Toomis, Ohio
6th Place............#6...........Colby Manning, Iowa
7th Place..........#8..........Dalton Baumeister, Wisconsin
8th Place...........#1 Beau Butcher, Iowa (Age 5)

Congratulations to all of the Finalists in this division!

2018 Fitting Perfection Contest | Junior Back Legs




Entry #4 has been deleted from the contest.  We host this contest as a fun
event for everyone to enjoy and we ask that you please enter your own work
when sending in your entries.  Thank You and we are very sorry for any 
problems that this has caused.  Please enjoy the contest.
We are unable to change the totals on the voting poll, however we will
not count the votes for entry #4.
If you voted for #4 earlier, the poll will however allow you to change your vote.