Thursday, September 29, 2011

View from above

This picture of Mittag Show Cattle
 was taken by a couple friends
 as they flew over our place in their plane.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alias Heifer

We featured this young April heifer
 raised by us
 on our blog as a baby and
videoed her for our sale........

And this is her NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always knew that she would be really good.


Grand Champion Steer Drive

Toughest Steer Class Of The Day
This is one of the stoutest classes
we've seen at AK-SAR-BEN in years!!

Market Heifer Show

Thank you to our blog sponsor
 for allowing us to post these videos. 
For videos of all division drives and other species,
click on THE SHOWTIMES AD on the right side.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Iowa State Fair Carcass Results

Carcass Data on 2011 Iowa State
Fair Youth Champion Livestock

 1.    4-H Grand Champion Steer                                Owner: Madisyn Jorgensen
        Tag Number: 39-241                                          Town: Guthrie Center, IA
        Fair Weight: 1325                                               
        Hot Carcass Weight: 892.6                                % Kidney, Pelvic, Heart Fat:  2.0%
        Rib Eye Area:  15.3 sq. in.                                 Yield Grade:   3.0
        Fat Cover:  .70"                                               Quality Grade:  Average Choice

 2.    4-H Champion Market Heifer                               Owner: Tristen Ruppert
        Tag #: 74-41                                                        Town:  Mallard, IA
        Fair Weight: 1285                                                                 
        Hot Carcass Weight:  811.4                                  % Kidney, Pelvic, Heart Fat:  3.0%
        Rib Eye Area:  15 sq. in.                                       Yield Grade:  2.6
        Fat Cover:  .5"                                                     Quality Grade: Low Select

 3.    4-H Reserve Champion Steer                             Owner: Gracie Russell
        Tag #: 88-8                                                       Town:  Prescott, IA
        Fair Weight: 1330                                                                 
        Hot Carcass Weight: 828.4                                % Kidney, Pelvic, Heart Fat:  .50%
        Rib Eye Area:  12.7 sq. in.                                 Yield Grade:  2.6
        Fat Cover:   .35"                                               Quality Grade:  Low Choice

 4.    4-H Reserve Champion Market Heifer                  Owner: Elizabeth Jones
        Tag #: 48-98                                                        Town:  Williamsburg, IA
        Fair Weight: 1300
        Hot Carcass Weight:  774.2                                  % Kidney, Pelvic, Heart Fat:  2.5%
        Rib Eye Area:  12 sq. in.                                        Yield Grade:  3.6
        Fat Cover:  .60"                                                    Quality Grade:  High Choice

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Grand Champion Steer
Shown by Mitch Maurer
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Shannon Voegele

Reserve Champion Steer
Shown by Baily Core
Sired by Heat Seeker
Sold by Zach Gray


Champion Division 4 Steer Shown by Austin Line


Reserve Division 4 Steer
 Shown by Blake Hinners


Champion Division 3 Steer
 Shown by Bailey Core


Reserve Division 3 Steer
Shown by Haley Ehrke

Bovine Bingo

Tyson Tucker's Monopoly Heifer
 was the star of Bovine Bingo
 at Orient Pumpkin Days.


Reserve Division 2 Steer
Shown by Madisyn Jorgensen


Champion Division 2 Steer
 Shown by Mitch Maurer


Reserve Division 1 Steer
 Shown by Dani Taylor, North Dakota


Champion Division 1 Steer
 Shown by Blake Hinners, Iowa 


Reserve Market Heifer
Shown by Blake Kuesel
 Sold by Habeger


Champion Market Heifer
 Shown by Macey Goretska

Aksarben Results

Keep watching our blog today
 for results and pictures
 from the
 Aksarben market steer show!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Words to live by...

Show Circuit

The September Show Circuit
 has arrived in the mail
with over 90 pages of show results!
Great Reading!

Blast From The Past

This week's Blast From The Past
 is from the 1987 Aksarben Livestock Show. 
 The Grand Champion Steer was
 exhibited by Brad Nelson from Glenville, Minnesota. 
 The steer was purchased from Hilbert Brothers. 

 We will have blog coverage
 of this year's Aksarben show this weekend.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

IJBBA Final Drive

4th Overall Ring B
 (Reserve Market Heifer)
 Shown by Denton Ohlrichs
Sired by Monopoly 
Sold by Matt Lautner Cattle

IJBBA Final Drive

3rd Overall Ring A and Ring B
 (Champion Market Heifer Both Rings)
 Shown by Reed Shockley
Purchased from Troy Goretska

Final Drive Market Results

Show A: 
Judge- Dan Hoge
 Champion- Core (XBred) 
 Reserve- Miller (XBred) 
 3rd- Shockley (Mkt Heifer)
  4th- Rea (Mkt Heifer) 
 5th- Mitchell (Shorthorn Plus)

Show B:
Judge- Mark Hoge
  Champion- Core (XBred)
  Reserve- Miller (XBred)
 3rd- Shockley (Mkt Heifer) 
4th- Ohlrichs (Mkt Heifer) 
5th- Fausch (Chi)

IJBBA Final Drive

5th Overall Ring A
 (Champion Shorthorn +)
Shown by Tyler Mitchell

IJBBA Final Drive

5th Overall Ring B
(Champion Chi)
 Shown by Cody Fausch

IJBBA Final Drive

4th Overall Ring A
 (Reserve Market Heifer)
 Shown by Eric Rea

IJBBA Final Drive

Reserve Steer Ring A and Ring B
 (Reserve Xbred Both Rings)
 Shown by Kaylee Miller

IJBBA Final Drive

Champion Steer Ring A and Ring B
(Champion Xbred Both Rings)
Shown by Bailey Core

Cattle Congress

Champion Feeder Steer
 shown by Kaleb Gorsch (pictured)
Reserve shown by Danny Dight.

Cattle Congress

Champion Feeder Heifer
shown by Kassi Rice (pictured)
 Res shown by Sarah Tenley.

Final Drive Breeding Heifer Results

Breeding Heifer Show A: 
Judge-Dan Hoge
 Champion- Elder (Chianina) 
 Reserve - Core (Commercial)
  3rd- Snedden (Commercial) 
 4th- Elder (High Maine) 
5th- Jass (Angus) 

Breeding Heifer Show B:
Judge-Mark Hoge
Champion- Core (Commercial)
Reserve- Elder (Chianina)
3rd- Jass (Foundation Simmental)
4th- Elder (High Maine)
5th- Snedden (Commercial)

Photos of all heifers posted below

IJBBA Final Drive

Champion Heifer Ring A
 Reserve Heifer Ring B
 (Champion Chi Both Rings)
Shown by Kiley Elder

IJBBA Final Drive

4th Overall Ring A and B
 (Champion High Maine Both Rings)
 Shown by Kiley Elder

IJBBA Final Drive

5th Overall Ring A
 (Champion Angus Both Rings)
 Shown by Jass Family

IJBBA Final Drive

3rd Overall Ring B
(Champion Foundation Both Rings)
 Shown by Jass Family

IJBBA Final Drive

3rd Overall Ring A
 5th Overall Ring B
 (Reserve Commercial Both Rings)
 Shown by Noah Snedden
Sired by Tiger Woods
 Sold by Matt Lautner Cattle

IJBBA Final Drive

Champion Heifer Ring B
  Reserve Heifer Ring A
 Shown by Kennedy Core
 Sired by Carnac

Final Drive Results

Watch the blog
for pictures and the results
 of todays shows.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

IJBBA Final Drive

Grand Champion Prospect Breeding Heifer
(Champion Commercial)
was shown by Tess Mittag. 
 This heifer is sired by My Turn and
 was sold in the Showman's Choice Sale
 as Lot 28 to Jeff Holmes, Algona, Iowa.
She is still undefeated in her show career (4-0) 

IJBBA Final Drive

Champion Prospect Market Animal
(Champion Chi)
Shown by Brown Show Cattle
 Sired by Blueberry Wine

IJBBA Final Drive

Reserve Prospect Market Animal
 (Champion Market Heifer)
 Shown by Joe Herr
 Sired by Sun Seeker
 Sold as Tag #46 in Showman's Choice Sale

IJBBA Final Drive

Reserve Prospect Breeding Heifer
(Champion Angus)
 Shown by Tyler Steele

Friday, September 16, 2011

Still Searching?

Now that our sale is over and many of you are
still looking for your 2012 show prospect,
let Mittag Show Cattle assist you.  We will be attending
a number of sales this fall and no matter what your budget,
we can help you find the steer or heifer that will work best for you.
Contact Craig at 641.344.5800 or Tucker at 641.344.6858

Also, if you have calves for sale, contact us
or send pictures and let us help you market them.

Thank You!!!

Headed to the Final Drive Show

The Lot 28 My Turn heifer
 that was high selling heifer
 at The Showmans Choice Sale
 is headed to the Final Drive Show in DesMoines.
 She was the Grand Champion heifer 
at the Iowa State Fair and 
is undefeated in her show career.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hair Care Tip from Bruce & Amy Sterzbach

"In the winter when every day rinsing is not possible,
we believe that SULLIVAN'S RUSS' RAG OIL
is one of your best, yet under-rated products.  
We mix 1/4 RAG OIL & 3/4 DOUBLE DIP for what
we call a deep conditioning three-day process.  
We apply this mix with a fogger and then comb in over the entire body.  
To be left in two to three days to absorb into the skin.  
In the summer we spray it on at night and rinse the next morning.  
This is one of our all-time favorite products."

Sullivan's "Alert"

On hot, humid National Junior Heifer Show days,
the Champion Mainetainer, Champion Chianina,
Champion Shorthorn, and Champion ShorthornPlus
heifers all relied on  "ALERT" for a little extra perk.

A NEW caffeine and ginseng instant energy product
now available in paste form for stubborn, lethargic and
dead headed cattle that act too tame and have no mo-jo.
A product to put a little perk in their metabolism;
much like your morning coffee or energy drink does for you.
Natural ingredients, drug-free.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Final Drive

Watch our blog on Saturday
for results and photos
 from the Final Drive Feeder Calf Show

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Supreme FFA Female

Monopoly x Hara's Miss Meyer
2011 NE State Fair FFA Supreme Champion Heifer.
We will have embryo full sibs for sale
 next year at the Showman's Choice Sale.

ISU WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 on a great triple over-time win
over the Iowa Hawkeyes!!!!

Goretska Cattle Co.

Troy has a real nice set of calves.
Sale ends September 11. Bids due by dark

Friday, September 9, 2011

Angus Bull

We will have this huge bodied purebred Angus bull
for sale later this fall.

He is sired by Basin Excitement. 
At the 2009 Basin Angus Sale,
 Basin Excitement was the high selling bull
 and was purchased by Hoover Angus for $25,000

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nebraska State Fair Champion Steer

Congratulations to Jake Zahm for exhibiting the Grand Champion steer at the Nebraska State Fair. Sired by Monopoly and raised by Mark Johnson, sold by Wayne and Barb Olrichs.