Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Jared Gillespie

Champion Shorthorn Heifer
Iowa Beef Expo
Shown by Jared Gillespie
Sired by Ace of Diamonds
Raised by Rupp/Gillespie

Monday, February 27, 2012

From Kory Lauridsen

Monopoly 2 x Raptor
Raised by Porsch/Lauridsen, IA
Real stout!

From Jake Asbury

Think i need one of those new hats so
I can represent a little better in Northeast MO

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walks Alone

Really excited about this
Walks Alone X Angus bull calf.
 Raised by Mittag Show Cattle.

Illinois Beef Expo Top 5 Steers

Grand Champion Steer:
Shown by A.J. Line (Crossbred)
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Caldwell

Reserve Champion Steer:
 Shown by Dalton Line (Shorthorn)

3rd Overall Steer:
Shown by Hunter Weber (Chianina)

4th Overall Steer:
Shown by Zac Day (Chianina)

5th Overall Steer:
Shown by Derrek Osborne (Crossbred)

Ree Heights Steer

Sold in the 2011 Showmans Choice Sale.
Shown by the Cline family
 Raised by Reick & Lents

From Brian Mericle



Can you post these pics on your blog?
The blue tag is a wether & orange tag is a ewe
Mericle Show Lambs
call to set up appointment to look at lambs
Brian 660-342-4675

Monopoly X Meyer

Updated photo:
  Monopoly X Meyer bull calf.
Raised by Mittag Show Cattle
This one is ultra cool!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thank you to
 Livestock World TV and Sullivan Supply
 for the $20 gift card
 that I won while watching the
 excellent live coverage of the
 Illinois Beef Expo!


Gotta Love A Baldie!
 Calf sired by Total Solution.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Reick and Lents
 have several good
 Simmental X Angus bulls
 for sale.

  Contact Dave Reick at

Thursday, February 23, 2012

KOTM Print Ad

King of the Mountain
Monopoly x Strictly Business/Total Play
Raised by Sullivan - Owned by MLC
Leased by Mittag Show Cattle for Spring '12

From Dave Reick

Finally NASCAR racing !!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

As Seen on MLC Blog

Congratulations to the Shaw Family!
3rd Overall Female - Iowa Beef Expo
Shown by Kendall Shaw
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Matt Lautner Cattle

Iowa Beef Expo Weekend

The Iowa Beef Expo junior show weekend was much different this year than in past years.  The difference was that I was at home waiting for some first calf heifers to calve (which didn't happen by the way).  I hadn't missed an Iowa Beef Expo Junior Show for over 30 years.

So first of all I need to thank Tucker and Tess for taking over all of the Blog duties as far as results and pictures.  Anita and I spent many hours sitting in the office by the computer editing blogs.  Our blog did have record numbers of views, so I know many of you appreciate the results.  Also thanks to Jeremy Kennedy for his blog reports during the week from the expo.

I also need to thank Livestock World MLC TV and Chris Terembes for the great live broadcast of the shows.  Without seeing the show I think I might have drove my kids crazy with text messages wondering what was going on.

Congratulations to all the winners in the Junior Show!  When the market show Judge Christie Collins had the 5 calves pulled out that were in contention for the championship, 4 of them were from our County (Adams Co.).  Congrats to the Russell Family, Lund Family and Jordon Reed.  Also to the Ticknor Family for exhibiting the Reserve steer, who live within 25 miles of the other families I mentioned.  Southwest Iowa seems to be getting very tough!

Good Luck to all the exhibitors in the 2012 show season, I'll see you at the jackpot shows after calving season!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

IBE Grand Champion Market Animal

Grand Champion Market Animal
Champion Crossbred
Shown by Gracie Russell
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Goretska and Hilbert
Raised by Holmes and Garman

IBE Reserve Champion Market Animal

Reserve Champion Market Animal
Reserve Crossbred
Shown by Trace Ticknor
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Rogers

IBE 3rd Overall Market Animal

3rd Overall Market Animal
Champion Chi
Shown by Hagen Fouch
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Gorestka

IBE 4th Overall Market Animal

4th Overall Market Animal
Champion Maine
Shown by Dustin Lund
Sired by Smiling Bob
Sold by Rodgers

IBE 5th Overall Market Animal

5th Overall Market Animal
Champion Market Heifer
Shown by Dustin Lund
Sold by Rodgers

IBE 5th Overall Heifer

5th Overall Heifer
Champion High Maine
Shown by Kyle Greiman

IBE 4th Overall Heifer

4th Overall Heifer
Champion Chi
Shown by Luke Elder

IBE 3rd Overall Heifer

3rd Overall Heifer
Champion Commercial
Shown by Kendall Shaw
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by MLC

IBE Reserve Champion Heifer

Reserve Heifer
Champion High Simmi
Shown by Collin Swanson

Top 5 IBE Steers

Grand Champion Steer: Gracie Russell - X-bred
Res. Champion Steer - Trace Ticknor - Res. X-bred
3rd: Hagen Fouch - Chi
4th: Dustin Lund - Maine
5th: Dustin Lund - Mkt. Heifer

IBE Supreme Champion Heifer

Supreme Female
Champion Angus
Shown by Cole Greiman

IBE Top 5 Heifers


Champion: Cole Greimen - Angus
Res. Champion: Collin Swanson - High Simmental
3rd: Kendall Shaw - Commercial
4th: Luke Elder - Chi
5th: Kyle Greiman - High Maine

IBE Champ Crossbred Steer

Champion Xbred Steer
Shown by Gracie Russell
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Hilbert & Goretska
Raised by Holmes and Garman

IBE Res Crossbred Steer

Reserve Xbred Steer
Shown by Trace Ticknor
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Rodgers

IBE Div 4 Champions

Division 4 Crossbred Steer:

Shown by Gracie Russell

Shown by Seth Plendle


 has just hit a one day 
 number of viewers!


Div 3 X Bred Steers

Champion Div 3 Crossbred Steer
Shown by Danielle DeLange
Sold by Goretska

Shown by Maggie Ferguson
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Wade Rogers
Champion Commercial Heifer
Shown by Kendall Shaw
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by MLC
Reserve Commercial Heifer
Shown by Maddy Udell
Sired by Who Da Man
Sold by Griswold

Cline Steer

Raised by Rieck & Lents
 Sold in the Showmans Choice Sale
 Sired by Eye Candy

IBE Div 3 Commercial Heifers

Champion Division III Commercial Heifer:
 Shown by Kendall Shaw

 Shown by Maddy Udell

IBE Div 2 Commercial Heifers

Champion Division ll Commercial Heifers:

 Champion- Shown by Sara Sullivan
Reserve-Shown by Bailey Core

IBE Div 2 XBred Steers

Champion Division 2 Crossbred Steer
Shown by Trace Ticknor
Sired by Walks Alone
Sold by Wade Rogers

Shown by Brighton Voss
Sold by Bob May

IBE Div 1 Commercial Heifers

Champion Division 1 Commercial Heifer
 Shown by Jaylee Happe

 Shown by Kayla Muir

IBE Heifers

Champion High % Simmental
Shown by Collin Swanson

IBE Heifers

Reserve High % Simmental
Shown by Colton Beaulieu

IBE Division 1 XBred Steers

Division 1 Crossbred Steer:

Shown by Clint Jones

Shown by Montana Martin

IBE Heifers

Champion Foundation Simmental
Shown by Kiersten Jass

IBE Heifers

Reserve Foundation Simmental
Shown by Maddy Udell
Sired by Uncle Cracker
Sold by Paulsen

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Iowa Beef Expo Results

Due to the large number of posts today
 to all of the breed champions and reserves,
make sure that you click on OLDER POSTS
 at the bottom of the page
 to see all of the results.

We bring you the full show results
 no matter what the calves pedigree is
 or where they were purchased.

IBE Market Heifers

Champion Market Heifer
Shown by Dustin Lund
Sold by Rodgers

IBE Market Heifers

Reserve Market Heifer
Shown by Kade Killmer
Sired by Yellow Jacket

IBE Red Angus Heifers

Champion and Reserve
Red Angus Heifers
 were exhibited by Maddison Shuey

IBE Maine Heifers

Champion Maine Heifer:
Shown by Kyle Greiman

Shown by Tyler Loudon

IBE Maintainers

Champion Maintainer Heifer:
  Shown by Kale Spengler

Shown by Eric Meyer

DIV 1 Market Heifers

Division I Market Heifers:

Champion Shown by Mallory Borman
Reserve Shown by Lane Pryor

IBE Limousin Heifers

Kiley Anderson

Zach Greiman

IBE Horned Hereford Heifers

Shown by: Kennedy Core

 Shown by Payton Vogel

IBE Res Charolais Steer

Reserve Champion Charolais Steer:
 Shown by Garrett Stalcup
Sired by Heatwave
Sold by Rogers

IBE Champ Charolais Steer

Champion Charolais Steer:
Shown by Jordan Reed
Sired by Monopoly
Sold by Goretska

IBE Chianina Heifers

Champion : 
 Shown by Luke Elder
Raised by Sullivan 
 Sired by SULL Blue

Reserve Champion:
  Shown by Maddie Udell
Sired by Northern Improvement
 Raised by Udell

Belgian Blue Steer

Champ Belgian Blue Steer:
Shown by Janel Wendt

IBE Angus Steers

Angus Champion Steer:
 Shown by Olivia Johnson

 Reserve Champion:
 Shown by Abby Klendworth

IBE Res Simm Steer

Reserve Simmental Steer:
Shown by Brandi Peterson

IBE Ch Simm Steer

Champion Simmental Steer:
 Shown by Bryce Fevold

IBE Charolais Heifers

Shown by Olivia Lapke

Shown by Haley Stalcup

IBE Champ Shorthorn Steer

Champion Shorthorn Steer:
Shown by: Mckenzie Smith

IBE Res Shorthorn Steer

Res Shorthorn Steer:
 Shown by Jenna Rorret
.(Sorry if we have misspelled the last name)

IBE Res Shorthorn Plus Steer

Res Shorthorn Plus Steer
Shown by: Alex Alliger

IBE Shorthorn Plus Steers

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer:
Shown by: Cole Lauterbach
Raised by Jeff Holmes
Sold by Hilbert Show Steers

IBE Comp Char

Champion: Shown by Kiley Elder
 Reserve: Shown by Montana Winther

IBE Angus Heifers

Champion Angus Heifer:
Cole Greiman

Reserve Angus Heifer:
Drew Norris

IBE Res Maine Steer

Reserve Maine Steer
Shown by Jordyn Burrco
Sired by Heatwave
Raised by Dan Sullivan

IBE Champ Maine Steer

Champion Maine Steer
Shown by Dustin Lund, Corning, Iowa
Sired by Smiling Bob
Sold by Rodgers

IBE Shorthorn Heifers

Champion Shorthorn Heifer:
Shown by Jarred Gillespie

Reserve Shorthorn Heifer:
Shown by Jordan Crall

IBE Res Chi Steer

Reserve Chi Steer
Shown by Brandon Reynolds
Sold by Rodgers