Monday, February 20, 2012

Iowa Beef Expo Weekend

The Iowa Beef Expo junior show weekend was much different this year than in past years.  The difference was that I was at home waiting for some first calf heifers to calve (which didn't happen by the way).  I hadn't missed an Iowa Beef Expo Junior Show for over 30 years.

So first of all I need to thank Tucker and Tess for taking over all of the Blog duties as far as results and pictures.  Anita and I spent many hours sitting in the office by the computer editing blogs.  Our blog did have record numbers of views, so I know many of you appreciate the results.  Also thanks to Jeremy Kennedy for his blog reports during the week from the expo.

I also need to thank Livestock World MLC TV and Chris Terembes for the great live broadcast of the shows.  Without seeing the show I think I might have drove my kids crazy with text messages wondering what was going on.

Congratulations to all the winners in the Junior Show!  When the market show Judge Christie Collins had the 5 calves pulled out that were in contention for the championship, 4 of them were from our County (Adams Co.).  Congrats to the Russell Family, Lund Family and Jordon Reed.  Also to the Ticknor Family for exhibiting the Reserve steer, who live within 25 miles of the other families I mentioned.  Southwest Iowa seems to be getting very tough!

Good Luck to all the exhibitors in the 2012 show season, I'll see you at the jackpot shows after calving season!


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