Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jorgenson and Friends Sale

These calves sell Oct 1st
on the Jorgensen & Friends Online Calf Sale on

Barnes Show Cattle

Sale Closes September 30th at 7:00 PM
Clint Barnes  419-356-6685
Greg Barnes  419-350-5780
Tag #2
Man Among Boys x Shiver
Tag #5
Monopoly x Irish Whiskey
Tag #19
Heat Wave x Hannah Donor (Meyer x Hairietta)

Mark Ball Show Steers

Sale Closes September 30th at 7:00 PM
Mark Ball 660-254-4478
Ralph Ball 660-253-7953
Tom Thompson 816-284-3276
Chris Rosa 641-203-1686
Tag #3
Monopoly x Cunia 602
Full Sib to 2011 KY State Fair Champion Steer
Tag #5
Believe In Me x Cunia 602
Maternal Sib to 2011 KY State Fair Champion Steer
Tag #8
Bodacious x Who Made Who

AKSARBEN - Supreme Heifer

Supreme Heifer 2013 AKSARBEN
Champion High % Maine
Shown by Kenton Lain

AKSARBEN - Top 5 Heifers

Supreme Champion: Kenton Lain (Maine)
Reserve Supreme Morgan Knapp (Angus)
3rd Skylar Weber (Chi)
4th Ben Weis (Commercial)
5th Cade VanVleit (Maintainer)

AKSARBEN - Charolais Heifers

Champion Charolais Heifer shown by Kiley Elder
Reserve Champion Garrett Stalcup

AKSARBEN - Angus Heifers

Champion Angus heifer shown by Morgan Knapp
Reserve Champion shown by Wesley Johnson

AKSARBEN - Maintainer Heifers

Champion and Reserve Maintainer Heifers
Shown by Cade VanVleit

AKSARBEN - Commercial Heifers

Champion Commercial heifer shown by Ben Weis
Reserve Champion shown by Makayla Andrews

AKSARBEN - Simmental Heifers

Champion Simmental Heifer shown by Kiley Elder, Iowa
Reserve Champion shown by Levi Flitsch, Iowa

AKSARBEN - Foundation Simmental Heifers

Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer shown by Kiersten Jass
Reserve Champion shown by Sydney Williams

AKSARBEN - Reserve Champion Chi Heifer

Reserve Champion Chi Heifer
2013 AK-SAR-BEN 
Shown by Ben Weis
Sold in 2012 Showman's Choice Sale by Mittag, Rieck & Lents
Raised by Rieck/Lents

AKSARBEN - Hereford Heifers

Champion Hereford Heifer shown by Hannah Neil, Minnesota
Reserve shown by Cassidy Hanson, Iowa


Champion AOB Heifer Shown by Riley Sieren

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Aksarben Results

Watch the blog tomorrow for Aksarben heifer show pictures and results.

Aksarben Grand Champion Steer

Grand Champion Steer 2013 Aksarben Shown by Alexis Hanson
 (photo below of her steer from the Iowa State Fair where he was 3rd Overall)
Reserve Champion steer Aksarben shown by Jessica Webster

Aksarben Div 4

Champion Division 4
 shown by Holle Stagemeyer, McCook,Neb. 
Raised by Rieck and Lents,
 Sold in 2012 Showman's Choice Sale by Mittag, Rieck and Lents.
Placed by Goretska.

Res. Div 4 shown by Halie England, Mt Ayr, Iowa

Div 3 Aksarben

Div 3 Champion
 shown by Alexis Hanson Gowrie, Iowa
  Res. Div 3
 shown by Jessica Webster Runnels, Iowa

Div 2 Aksarben

Champion Div 2
 shown by Chandler Shellkoph, Geneva, Nebraska
Reseve Div 2
 shown by Halle Ehrke, Orleans, Nebraska

Aksarben Div 1 Steers

Champion Div 1
 shown by Hannah Kemper, Wapello, Iowa
Reserve Div 1
 shown by Taylor Strope, ONeil, Nebraska

From Showstockplanet

These calves sell Oct 1st
on the Jorgensen & Friends Online Calf Sale on

Aksarben Market Heifer

Champion Market Heifer
shown by Katelyn Koberg, Durrant, Iowa
Reserve Market Heifer
 shown by Atlanta Merande, York, Nebraska

Monday, September 23, 2013

Show Stock Planet

Chidester Cattle Online Sale
 ends tonight on

Barnes Show Cattle Sale

Monopoly steer
Sells Sept 30th

Clint and Greg Barnes
Lyons, Ohio
419-356-6685 (Clint cell phone)
419-350-5780 (Greg cell phone)

Barnes Show Cattle Sale

Man Among Boys steer 
Sells Sept 30th

Clint and Greg Barnes
Lyons, Ohio
419-356-6685 (Clint cell phone)
419-350-5780 (Greg cell phone)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wedig Club Calves Sale Sunday!

Sale Ends September 22, 2013
Lot #1
Believe In Me x Strictly Business
Lot #2
Believe In Me x Irish Whiskey
Lot #3
Heat Wave x Habanero Son
Lot #5
Mercedes Benz x Heat Wave
 Lot #11
Believe In Me x Dream On GD
Lot #18
Heat Wave x Maine/Angus

From Jodi Breniman, IA

I-80 Steer
Big hipped, HAIRY, very sound and broke to show

For Sale:  Contact Jodi Breniman 641-750-6096

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bremer Show Heifer Sale

Due to large number of requests to view the sale cattle on Saturday, Sept 21,
we've decided to accomodate everyone and extend the bidding 24 hours!
Take advantage of this opportunity and get to Blakesburg this week to see
this elite set of show heifer prospects and potential donors.
You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make Plans to Attend!!

Online Club Calf Sale
September 30, 2013


Thank you to Everyone who stopped by 
The Showman's Choice Sale 
to view the calves.  We appreciate all of 
the buyers and bidders and 
wish everyone the best of luck with their purchases. 

 We are always available to answer any questions 
about your calves and 
if you need any clipping and fitting help, 
just give us a call.

The Mittag, Rieck and Lents Families