Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Showman’s Choice Private Treaty Sale
Sale Begins Closing @ 6:00 pm Sunday, September 16th
Sale Held On-Line @

Price           Calf    Sire        Dam                                      Birth Date 
__________ 1 Monopoly   Alias / Sim                             March Heifer
__________ 2 Monopoly   Hannibal/Fear This               March Heifer
__________ 3 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                            February Steer
__________ 4 Monopoly   Money Angus                         April Heifer
__________ 5 Curtain Call   Ali                                       March Maine Steer
__________ 6 Ree Heights   Northern Lite                      March Steer
__________ 7 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             March Heifer
__________ 8 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             April Heifer
__________ 9 Monopoly Money   Sim / Angus                 April Steer
__________ 10 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                            February Steer
__________ 11 Walks Alone   Sim / Angus                         February Steer
__________ 12 Monopoly   Who Made Who                      March Steer
__________ 13 Critical Mass   Sun Seeker                          March Steer
__________ 14 Monopoly Money   Bachelor                      March Steer
__________ 15 Critical Mass   Sun Seeker                          March Steer
__________ 16 Monopoly   Who Made Who                      March Steer
__________ 17 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             March Steer
__________ 18 Long Time Coming   Sun Seeker                March Heifer
__________ 19 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                             February Steer
__________ 20 Q Dog   Northern Lite                               April Steer
__________ 21 Heatwave   Sim / Angus                             April Steer
__________ 22 My Turn   Northern Lite                            March Heifer
__________ 23 Critical Mass   Who Made Who                 March Steer
__________ 24 Monopoly   Sim / Angus                              March Steer
__________ 25 Carnac   Sim / Angus                                  March Steer
__________ 26 Monopoly Money   Heatwave                    March Heifer
__________ 27 Monopoly   Maine / Angus                          March Heifer
__________ 28 Q Dog   Northern Lite                                March Steer
__________ 29 Maine Man   Heat Seeker                             March Maine Steer
__________ 30 Critical Mass   Northern Lite                       March Heifer
Sale Information
1. This Sale is conducted by phone and on-line with You don’t need to be present to bid. Bids will begin closing at
6:00 pm on Sunday, September 16. You can either have us call you as in the past to place bids or you can bid direct on-line. You are
allowed to raise your bid by increments of $100 or more… $250 for $2000 and higher.
2. It is important that you be available to take phone calls or be on-line to bid at 6:00 pm on September 16th. This sale will be using the horse race
style of bidding on-line and will be completed as soon as possible.
3. Calves are assumed to be sound and healthy when sold… if there is a question in your mind about a particular calf’s fitness… don’t bid. All
Calves were vaccinated in August.
4. We ask that all calves purchased be picked up within two weeks unless special arrangements have been made.
5. No breeding guarantees are available on show heifers.
6. Thank you for stopping and we would appreciate your business
Sale Day Phones
Mittag Show Cattle  And Rieck & Lents Show Cattle
Craig 641-344-5800 
Dave 641-202-2164
Tucker 641-344-6858 
Chad 641-202-2360
Wayne 641-344-9367
Brandon 641-344-0686

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