Monday, March 4, 2013

SteerPlanet Online Sales Rep

Tucker is proud to announce that he has become a Rep for SteerPlanet Online Sales.
SteerPlanet Online Sales offers a new platform for
online sales.
  • Manage - you can add, edit, and manage your listings directly. Determine your auction start time and end time.
  • Buy-it-now - your auction can also feature set buy-it-now amounts where buyers can pre-purchase your lot .
  • Mobile bidding - your buyers can login and bid directly from the field. A Steer Planet app is in development.
  • Your auction lots can be fed directly on to your website or blog.
  • Your auction will be actively promoted on Steer Planet.
  • Your auction will be added to our newsletter of over 2,500 subscribers. Every subscriber has opted-in to the newsletter, we follow safe-subscribe.
  • A flat-fee based system, no percentage charges. $20 a lot with $240 minimum.
  • Examples 10 lots (10 x $20 = $200, minimum not met) Cost is $240. 15 lots (15 x $20 = $300) Cost is $300.
  • The minimum is in place because we do advertise your auction for free on Steer Planet.

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