Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blog Thoughts!

It is hard to believe that it is almost July already,
 but today is supposed to be really hot. 
The weather report last night on the news said
 that we could see the first 100 degree temps since 2006 in Iowa.

 We normally do some weaning of the sale calves
about now, but that is going to have to wait until it cools off a bit.

  We met with Noll Ernst and Ryan Habeger
 the other day and we are going to offer
the online bidding for this year's Showman's Choice sale. 
 I think this will just give our buyers another
chance to view the calves through video
and an opportunity to bid online.
  For anyone still wanting to do their bidding
the way they always have by phone or in person,
 they can still do that too. 
Rieck and Lents will have their calves at
 Mittag Show Cattle by Labor Day weekend
you can start viewing the calves then.

  Tucker has been working on the August magazine ads
and I think the one that our blog viewers chose
 for the Showman's Choice Sale is awesome. 
 The ad really says what we are all about....
"High Quality calves for the Showman!" 
 Since we are part of the Summer Sensation group
this year, it has been great working with them putting
the ads together and getting to know them. 
 We are looking forward to a fun sale season.

  County Fairs are coming soon
 and I have a bunch of them to judge again
this year and I always look forward
 to working with the kids.

 I hope you all have a great summer
 and we look forward to seeing many of you in September.

  Keep watching the blog!

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