Thursday, January 8, 2015

Iowa Chianina Association (New State fair Schedule)

"NEW" Iowa State Fair Schedule
 for the Open Chianina Show. 

 The show will now be held while the 4-H heifers are are there!!!!

 Also added money for the champions!


  1. What a joke for us to show in the open show when high percentage-real Chianina -are discriminated against and placed last . Judges like Mark Houge picked 2 years in a row says it all. Congrats on being put on probation you're doing a hell'va job Iowa!!

  2. Your Iowa chianina association is a joke! The only thing worse is your national assoc. As far as I know their percentages on registrations are the lowest for any animal in the world. Who in their right mind in any association would have reg. as low as 1%? Also this has allowed dirty pedigrees and many other problems from other breeds into their registry! They've lost members and shows and sales at a unacceptable rate but continue on whipping a dead horse instead of improving their breed. Maybe its because of what the board is raising!!!