Friday, January 4, 2013


to the
 of the Leg Perfection Contest
 Sponsored by
 Mittag Show Cattle
 Sullivan Supply...
Derek Vogt, Nebraska
Derek will receive a Turbo Fan from Sullivan Supply!

2nd Place  #5- Clint Barnes, Ohio
3rd Place   #10-Ethan Spain, Iowa
4th Place   #1-Tracy Goretska, Iowa
5th Place  #2- Preston Fevold, Iowa
6th Place   #8-Troy Goretska, Iowa
7th Place   #7-Raymond Gonnet, Iowa
8th Place  #3- Baylor Buck, Colorado 
9th Place   #9-Nick Schroeder, Ohio
10th Place   #6 Josh Streitmatter, Indiana 

We had an amazing 1,222 Votes

Thank you to everyone for all of
 the entries and participation
 in this Contest. 
 Special Thanks to Sullivan Supply for their support!

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