Monday, January 21, 2013


As I spent the day on Saturday in Denver
 looking at the 2013 crop of Promotional Bulls, 
a few things hit me very hard...

First of all, the Quality of cattle that is being produced
 and displayed is very exciting! 
 There were different types, kinds, breeds, pedigrees and sizes 
but overall very impressive and something for everyone.
I have been asked many times by numerous people
what the Best Bull in Denver was or what my Top 5 was.  
What my top 5 bulls were and that will work on my cows may be totally
different from the bulls that will work in someone elses herd.  
As we know, different producers and different judges 
like different kinds of cattle and there was 
something for everyone in Denver this year.

Secondly, I was Amazed at the crowds of people 
that filled the Display Bull isles this year.
It seemed like there were more people than ever.  
This is very exciting to me as a producer to know that there
is that much interest in what we do.
Contrary to what some people would like others to believe,
the Show Cattle Industry is ALIVE AND WELL!

Each year Mittag Show Cattle strives to bring our
blog viewers the most complete coverage of the Denver Display
Bulls and this year we posted pictures and information
of 28 bulls.  I realize this was not all of the Club Calf
Bulls on display, but there is only so much time and cell phone power
to get it done.  Again the number of views our blog has been
receiving the last few days is a testament to 
the interest in the Display Bulls.  
Many of the pictures that we took are showing up
on other blogs, facebook and twitter and that is perfectly fine,
that's why we do it...To Promote!

Thanks to everyone for the great comments about our blog
and the things that we try to accomplish.

Craig Mittag

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