Friday, September 7, 2012


Sorry for not posting anything on the blog
for a couple days, sale time is a really busy time
 around Mittag Show Cattle.
  We have had real good traffic
 viewing the calves and have bids on quite a few of them.

We are very happy that the weather has
cooled off for the weekend.

Chad got a text from Brad Hook tonight
 and he was in a motel in Indiana working
 on getting our videos done,
so keep checking the blog, they should be posted soon. 

 We want to thank those who have visited
and the comments from those people
 have been very positive. 

Some of the memorable comments include: 

"This is the best set top to bottom we have seen"

"This is the best set you have ever had"

"We don't need to go anywhere else, we are buying here"

"You have one of the 3  GREAT steers I have seen in Iowa"

"All your hard work has definetly paid off"

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