Friday, June 9, 2017

Mittag Show Cattle Fall Sales

This year Mittag Show Cattle will be having 2 Fall On-line Sales.  

The first sale will be our Annual "Showman's Choice Sale" 
that we will be hosting at Mittag Show Cattle, Prescott, Iowa 
with our new guest consignors...Kirk and Ky Stierwalt of Leedey, OK. 
The sale will be hosted on-line by on September 10.

(Watch for a preview of The Showman's Choice Sale calves at the Iowa State Fair Prospect Show)

Our second sale will include an outstanding set
 of our younger calves (late March and April)
 raised by Mittag Show Cattle and Mittag Genetics 
along with a few calves we have hand selected from other top breeders. 

 A large  majority of these calves will be sired by Black Power Play,
 the I Believe sired bull made famous this Spring.

The October Sale will be held in mid-October hosted online 
by Caldwell-Willoughby on
(Watch for details)

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