Monday, March 5, 2012

Calving Season Update

Calving season is going very well
 at Mittag Show Cattle (Knock On Wood). 
 This very mild weather sure has made it alot easier. 
 Calves have came everywhere from 5 days late
 according to A.I. due date to 13 days early.
  We are really heavy on bull calves this year so far,
so watch for a bunch of steers
 at this year's Showman's Choice Sale. 

 We have calves sired by Monopoly,
Walks Alone, Jesse James, Total Solution,
Tiger Woods, Wilson and Ever Ready so far.
  Starting real soon we will be calving
 the cows bred to Monopoly Money
that we leased last summer from Matt Lautner Cattle. 
 Other sires we still have calves coming
by are I-80, Game Plan, Liquid Asset and some
Heatwave ET calves. 

Watch our blog for calf pictures
 as we get them this spring. 
 I will honestly say that this year's calf crop
 is the most exciting that we have ever had at
Mittag Show Cattle...they are looking very good!

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