Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ten Most Referred to Sites


This is the first in eight ‘year in review’ type posts to finish out the next two weeks.
Our visitor count this year was up 62.4% over 2010, thanks primarily to a bump of 70% in our Google referrals.  For some unknown stupid reason, I take a bit of pride in the amount of traffic we send out to other sites and like to brag about it.
Not counting the ‘daily web summary’ posts or the Lautner Farms ads that are on a large portion of the site….
Since January 1st, we have sent 226,573 visitors to 2,288 different web sites/pages.  The top ten…
  1. Matt Lautner Cattle – 56,836
  2. Brad Hook B.S. – 23,248
  3. Diamond G Cattle – 15,012
  4. Rodgers Cattle – 13,800
  5. Trausch Farms – 12,234
  6. Lautner Farms – 12,017 (+ the ad)
  7. Mittag Show Cattle – 10,440
  8. Holtkamp – 6,643
  9. Fry Cattle – 5,837
  10. Executive Sires – 4,984

Mittag Show Cattle 
is proud to have made the Top 10 Most Referred sites...
We are the ONLY blog to make the Top 10 that isn't promoting bulls or selling semen!!!!!!

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