Wednesday, October 31, 2018


When we first started talking about having an all female sale in November, the first thing I said was that the group of heifers that we offer needs to be absolutely elite.  I won't try to sell a female that I wouldn't buy myself it she was on someone else's sale.
1. They have to be sound....This group of females are all structurally correct and none of them have tight hocks or short strided.  Check out the videos!
2. They must be attractive.....I think it is pretty obvious by the pictures of these females that they all meet this criteria pretty easily.
3. They must be functional and make cows after their show careers....Again this group of heifers all have enough rib shape, muscle mass and production bred into them to make cows and/or donors for years to come for their new owners.  At Mittag Show Cattle and Mittag Genetics our cows have to be able to produce a high quality calf every year.  We can't  have 3 Fall sales with only 45 cows if our cows don't produce!
4. Since they are show heifers, they have to have good disposition...Every one of these females are nearly ready for the show ring.  They are lead every day into the wash room and around the show barn, disposition is not an issue on any of these!
5.  They have to be able to win in the show ring... Lots 1 and 2 have already been shown and have been named Champion Commercial/3rd Overall and Champion Chianina at the Iowa State Fair Prospect Show.

If you have any questions on any of these heifers, call Craig at 641-344-5800 
or Tucker at 641-344-6858.

Stop by any time to view them at 1361 Sycamore Ave. Prescott, IA  50859

Pictures and videos can be viewed at SC Online Sales

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